4 Most Popular Real Money Online Card Gambling Games in Indonesia

Card games are indeed very popular. In Indonesia, card games can be played to relieve boredom and are certainly very exciting when played with friends.

Well, above that is the good side.

So what’s the bad side?

The downside of it is playing it as a gamble.

Of course many people are against gambling. But there are also many people who play gambling for instant income.

In my opinion, gambling, be it casino, card, or lottery, is definitely illegal (illegal).

But you also have to know a person’s economic situation. In addition, the world is currently facing a major disaster, namely the corona virus. Some people who are laid off or laid off are confused about finding work.

What are the best jobs for quick money?

Well, the answer is to play card gambling online!

Online card gambling in Indonesia is currently very much in demand.

Starting from children, teenagers and even adults, play gambling to earn promo slot online.

But do you know what card gambling games are the most popular in Indonesia.

If you don’t know it yet, let’s scroll down to see more details.

4 Most Popular Online Card Gambling Games in Indonesia
Playing card games on the Internet is very simple compared to the mainland.

When played by land has a big enough risk.

Why do I say like that? Because we poker online dominoqq do not know the opponent who is in front of us. It could be that the opponent is a state security party.

Try playing online. You only need to use advanced technology such as smartphones, laptops and PCs accompanied by internet connectivity to be able to play them online.

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Then your identity will be guaranteed safe if you play real money online card games on the Internet.

It’s just that the risk in playing online gambling is not to choose an online site.

Choose a trusted card gambling site so that you can play with other gamblers fairly.

Then here I will give 4 online card gambling that is very popular in Indonesia

Texas poker is the most popular online card game in Indonesia.

Here the gamblers will bet with each other to get the best card arrangement in order to win.

The best card arrangement starts from Royal Flush, Straight Flush, Four of a Kind, Full House, Flush, Straight, Three of a Kind, Two Pair, One Pair and the lowest High Card (highest card).

Texas poker before being played online already had a lot of fans.

Plus it can be played online, of course the demand is increasing.

You can play online poker games at 2 well-known providers in Asia, namely IDNPLAY and PKV Games.

The 2 providers have also collaborated with trusted card agent agents such as Happypoker, Smile Poker, Baby Poker & many more.

Domino99 and Ceme
In Indonesia, Dominoes are usually called Gaple / Gapleh cards.

Domino99 and ceme are games where gamblers can become players and can also be dealers.

Then at Domino99, each player will be dealt 4 cards.

While the ceme each player will be distributed as much as 2 pieces of domino cards only.

The highest card on the domino is 99 (QQ), if the ceme is 9 (Q).

Here, gamblers can have 2 roles, namely player (player) and dealer (city).

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To become a bookie, gamblers must have a lot of chips / capital.

The dealer’s victory should not let the card arrangement be smaller than the player’s. If the arrangement is smaller, the dealer will lose. But if the value is the same or greater, then the dealer wins

Players are required to get a higher order than the dealer. Now if the player gets a 9 card arrangement while the dealer does not get a 9 arrangement, then the dealer will pay 2x the bet of the player.

Remember, if you get a card totaling above 9, for example 10, 11, 12, etc. Then the number will be seen from behind. If you get a number 10, it means you get a number 0, if it is 11, then you get “1” and 12 means you get “2”.

I call blackjack a 21 card gambling game.

Where gamblers have to fight the banker and don’t get a card below or draw from the banker.

For the highest value in the blackjack game is 21, if it passes the number 21, then the gambler will be declared busted, which means that the bet will lose.

Here there is pure blackjack which means you have to get the number 21 in 2 cards. If there are more than 2 cards, then you do not get pure blackjack.

Card counting in pure blackjack, where

Ace becomes number 1 to 11, Ace will be totaled automatically to approach number 21
For Jack, Queen and King it is worth 10, and
2 to 10 the value remains the same
If domino and ceme are games by relying on a value of 9 to get a win.

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Well, if baccarat is also the same, the highest value is 9.

It’s just that baccarat uses playing cards, while domino99 or ceme uses gaple/gapleh cards.

In the Baccarat card game, gamblers will find 3 betting options, namely player, tie and banker.

If the gambler chooses the player, then the win is 1: 1, then if the banker chooses, then the win is still 1: 1. Well, if the gambler chooses/places a bet on the tie, the win is 1: 8.

Do you know the tie bet?

Tie bets are where the banker and player values ​​are the same / draw.

If the player bets, where the gambler must choose the player and get a higher value than the banker. So are banker bets.

Playing baccarat is very easy and practical. Therefore, many Indonesian gamblers like it. What’s more, with just a little capital, you can get a lot of benefits.

So, those are 4 card gambling games that are very popular in Indonesia.

Hopefully this article can help all gamblers, especially for beginners.

Happy reading, hopefully in the future you will become a reliable gambler and can get a lot of benefits