A Brief History of Dragon Tiger Gambling Game

According to history itself, this online Dragon Tiger gambling game was introduced for the first time in Cambodia. Precisely in early 1998, this game began to be known by the public and spread in several large casinos in Cambodia.

With the rapid development of the Dragon Tiger game which is widespread, this game is increasingly in demand. The thing that makes this game so popular is that it is so simple to play.

As previously explained, this Dragon Tiger game began to develop in Cambodian casinos, especially in Phnom Penh. With the brevity of the rounds and the simplicity of this game, it is what makes many online casino visitors love it.

It is also undeniable that there are a lot of fans of the Dragon Tiger game in Cambodian casinos. This game is often a place for players to be able to play by multiplying bets.

Actually what is interesting is that the game Dragon Tiger was inspired by the Mythology of Dragon against Tiger. Well, that’s where the name of the Dragon Tiger game comes from.

Understanding Dragon Tiger Game

in this game, you as a player will make Dragon and Tiger bets. Each of the Dragon and Tiger is given one card. Then, each card is opened and finally seen the highest value. From the two sides, then see which one has the highest card value? If you have the highest card value, then you are declared the winner.

The card value applied in the Dragon Tiger game is slightly different from the Baccarat game. If in Baccarat you find cards J, Q, K will be counted as having a value of 0 or 10. If in Dragon Tiger, the method of daftar poker online calculating the cards will be different. Card J is 11, Q is 12 and K is 13.

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This Dragon Tiger game uses 8 decks of cards which are inserted into the card holder or also known as Card Shoes. Shuffle will be done when the game has reached a predetermined card limit before the first card is dealt.

Dragon Tiger at Online Casino

After this game began to be known by gambling players in Asia, then from there the online casino business began to emerge. Finally, Dragon Tiger and Baccarat became the first games available at the first online casino providers in Asia. Even more surprising is that based on the rating of the game, Dragon Tiger managed to become the favorite because the one-round process is very fast in this game.

There are 3 bets that you can choose in this Dragon Tiger game. The first is Dragon, in this bet your partner will win if the Dragon card has a higher value than Tiger. Then your winnings will be paid 1:1. Tiger is your partner wins if it is higher than Dragon. Winnings are paid the same as well. The last bet is Tie/Draw. Both parties in this bet have the same card value so the win is 2:2.