A Brief History of the Blackjack Gambling Game

Gambling  games are now widely known, even now anyone can play gambling anytime and anywhere thanks to the many trusted online gambling sites that have sprung up.

This time we will discuss the history of one of the blackjack card gambling games that is already quite popular among gambling players.

Blackjack itself has become known and popular around the 17th century until the 18th century. Previously, this game was claimed to be a game invented by Americans, but based on existing history and according to gambling game historians, it turns out that this game originated from France with the name Vingt Et Un which means Twenty One.

Over time from its inception in America, this game finally got legality from Nevada, one of the states of the United States daftar dominoqq online known for its large casinos in LAS VEGAS. Trusted Bola88 Agent From here the popularity of the blackjack game is increasing rapidly.

First Blackjack Casino

When this game just appeared, the game of blackjack was one of the most interesting and challenging games to play. Initially this game was played in mining in the state of Nevada, United States in 1854. The person who first introduced this game was a French woman named Eleanor Dumont who opened her first blackjack casino known as Vingt Et Un.

There are several things that are unique in Madam Dumont’s casino, namely that all who play in the casino must follow the rules that he made. List of Sbobet Agents Cara Daftar Judi Bola of the rules at his most famous casino is that players who come and play must not use dirty or rude words while playing there. Because he thinks it can affect the casino luck he has.

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Although the rules at Madam Dumont’s casino seem to force the players, her casino is always filled with people who want to play there. Some people have even admitted that they would rather lose to Madam Dumont than lose to someone else.

In addition, it turns out that Madam Dumont is known as a generous person who always distributes free drinks such as champagne or wine to visitors even though she is losing a lot.