Basic Terms of Playing Online Soccer Gambling Betting

Online soccer gambling games are gambling games that are played by choosing 1 team that is superior between 2 soccer teams that will compete in every match.

In addition you also have to understand how long the bets are for you. The length of time for online soccer betting is usually 2 x 45 minutes, that is included in the full time count, and also 1 x 45 minutes for the half time count for the international match scale.

Some Terms in Online Football Betting

Before further discussion, you are of course required to have a user ID on one of the online gambling sites. We will recommend you the agen judi bola site . Because here you can place soccer bets and also play many types of games which of course will be a special satisfaction for bettors.

1. Match Odds / 1×2

The first term that must be known is Match Odds or commonly known as 1×2 which is more widely used. 1 (home) which is also known as the host, x (draw) which is commonly referred to as a draw and 2 (away) or also known as the away team.

2. Over/Under (OU) and also Total Goal (TG)

Over or Under is a type of bet made by determining above or below the predetermined total goal. While Total Goal is the number of goals scored in a football match.

3. Correct Score

Correct Score or also known as Guess the Score. You have to guess the final score of a match in normal time.

4. Next Goal

In the sense of who will score the next goal, be it home or away or no goals, with the rules you only guess.

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5. Half Time

Not much different from Match Odds, the notion of half time is only that you guess the result of the winning team with a time of 1 x 45 minutes or only 1 round.

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That’s what can be said about the basic terms of playing online soccer betting to make it easier for you to place the soccer bets you want.