Development & History of Online Casino Gambling in Indonesia

Welcome back all my friends, In accordance with the title I made, this time I want to tell you important information about the History of Online Casino Gambling that you should know. . Casino gambling games not only currently have many fans, but since ancient times this real money gambling game has been loved by all people. Both the young to the old all really like this game. Because there are many big advantages that can be obtained from this real money gambling betting game. In addition to playing also with a small bet capital but can produce wins that are many times over.

Even though this online casino game is already very large and is already famous throughout the world, it still has a long history or journey to get this big. That is where this game used to be only played in a small environment. For example, only family card games, but since then more and more people like this game. So that the longer it develops and already has various types of other games. Then there is a bookie who has a large capital who decides to open a special place for gambling or called a casino.

To find out more. I recommend reading on this article because we will discuss everything in detail here. so don’t let you situs judi depobos miss this important information. Because you can’t be called a professional casino gambling player if you don’t know the origin of the emergence of this casino gambling in the world to Indonesia. So please read on, my boss.

The Origins of the Presence of Online Casino Games in the World
Maybe I think for bettors who have been in this online casino gambling bandar casino terpercaya for a long time, there are still many who don’t know for sure how this real money gambling game originated. But I hear a lot from people who think that this casino game first appeared from the United States. I think they think that way because there are many casino places operating in the country.

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However, the reality is that there are many gambling games in the casino from countries in the world. As for the origin of this game, it can actually be said that it has something to do with China. Because the various betting games available turn out to be from the culture of the bamboo curtain country. Namely one of the games is keno, a lottery game that is famous today.

Because of this game of keno, the lottery has finally become one of the mandatory real money betting games that are always available in big casinos. In addition to keno, a game originating from China, namely pai gouw or called poker pai gouw which is no less popular with keno which is also enjoyed by gambling players around the world.

In addition, it is not only China that has an important role in the history of this casino gambling. That is, countries in Europe also have an important role because there are gambling games from European countries such as: Baccarat, Blackjack, Roulette, Capsa Susun, these are games from European countries that are available in casinos . And the game has become a very popular game today.

Since then, more and more other real money betting games have developed. Like a poker game, which was originally only a family card game, it became a game that had many fans.

The History of the Entry of Online Casino Gambling Games in Indonesia
After knowing the origin of the presence of casino games in the world. Make sure you are curious about the history of how it entered Indonesia. which began to develop during the reign of Governor Ali Sadikin. When Mr. Ali was leading in Jakarta, he legalized online gambling, thus making casino games develop rapidly. But at first only dice gambling games were provided, but after Bang Ali took office he began to take some games from Europe, namely: Baccarat, Blackjack, Roulette. And the most famous at that time was Mickey Mouse or better known as agile ball. After several years, Ali Sadikin’s term of office had expired. So since then gambling in Indonesia has been banned on the grounds that it can damage morals and violate religious rules.

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After that, a gambling ban from the new government has been treated. So many people are gambling illegally. Not only players but also many land dealers such as lottery dealers who provide a place to play gambling secretly. But the games provided are incomplete, such as Micky Mouse and lottery only.

That’s a brief history of the entry of online casino games in Indonesia that you can understand. Next, we will discuss the availability of online casino gambling sites in Indonesia. Please see below:

The Emergence of Online Gambling Sites in Indonesia
The beginning of the emergence of online casino gambling sites in Indonesia was in 2005. The existence of online gambling sites made bettors in Indonesia very happy. Because it makes it easier for them to play gambling and feel safe when playing real money gambling. The games found on these online gambling sites are not just casino games but there are other online gambling games, such as: soccer gambling, online poker gambling and other games that you can play. In addition, playing online gambling is also very easy because it can be accessed via Android or Ios smartphones.

So that now there are many online gambling sites available on the internet if it is estimated that there are hundreds of thousands of online gambling sites. And how to play is not difficult, where you only need to register an account at one of the online gambling agents that you can search on Google. If you already have an account, the next step is to make a deposit. Or transfer money with an atm that you have registered. So that you can place bets on the game you want to play.

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Thus this article discusses the history of online casino gambling. Hopefully with the discussion that we have made this can increase your knowledge about casino gambling. If so, see you again in future articles or reviews. Thank you for taking your time to read this article.