Formula to Guess the Online Football Betting Score

One of the many types of online soccer betting bets that are less popular is guessing the score. Because many bettors think that this type of bet is very difficult to win.

Basically to be able to guess the score correctly and accurately, we need 2 odds as our guide in guessing. The first odds are Asian Handicap (Vooran) and the second odds are Over Under. By referring to these 2 odds we can predict the match score with very high accuracy.

For those of you who just guessed the original score without referring to the 2 odds, we strongly recommend not to continue. So how come by referring to the 2 odds above we can guess accurately? The answer is simple, because the bookie knows better what will and is happening in that match.

For example, in the match in the English league yesterday between Manchester City vs Watford which opened with Asian Handicap odds of 2 and Over Under 3.5. By holding on to these 2 odds, according to the bookie who opened this market, Man.City will be predicted to win by a difference of 2 goals and the total goals created are between 3-4 goals.

Here we can predict the match will end Daftar Judi Bola 2 guesses, between 3-0 and 3-1. For a score of 2-0 will not be included in the prediction because the range of goals created is between 3 and 4 only. Likewise, the 4-0 score cannot be included in the prediction, because it is too far from the opened Asian Handicap odds.

So we have 2 guesses that we can put in the score guess, then what happens? Sure enough, the final result of the Daftar Sbobet Gratis match was 3-1 for Man.City’s victory. This is what we mean by holding on to those 2 odds. We give one more example in the Italian league match between Chievo vs Milan which opened with Asian Handicap odds of 1 and Over Under 2.5.

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Can you guess what the possible scores are? Just like the formula we gave above to Man.City vs Watford. Milan will be predicted to win by a difference of 1 goal with a goal range of 2-3 goals being created. With this reference, we can guess the score 0-2 and 1-2. What is the final result? Milan won by a score of 1-2.

For this soccer betting score prediction formula, we strongly recommend that you only guess the score in the top leagues, such as the English, Italian, German, Spanish and French leagues. Why? A match at this level, the bookie already knows very well what is going and is happening.

This score guessing formula does not apply to small leagues or commonly called wormballs. It’s best to avoid lesser known football matches. That’s all for this article, hopefully it can help you in guessing the score accurately.