Get to know the types of bets in the Roulette game

Having knowledge of the types of roulette bets will certainly make it easier for you when playing online roulette games at Official Soccer Gambling Agents .

Playing roulette is quite easy, because you only need to guess where the wheel stops. Maybe just guessing will be very difficult among the many board numbers.

In the online Roulette gamethere are 11 types of bets, and of course it will be very easy to play if you already understand how to play.

11 Types of Betting in Online Roulette Gambling

Here we explain several types of bets in online roulette games as below:

1. Straight Up

For this type of bet you only need to place on one number. For example, if you want to place a bet on number 10, you simply put your chip on number 10 and click ok. If correct, then the Dealer will pay you with 35:1 or 36:1 (Capital is included).

2. Split Up

For this type of bet, you can place a bet by placing on two adjacent numbers. For example: If you want to bet your chips on the numbers 10 and 11, then you can simply click right between the numbers. The dealer will pay you 17:1, if the number you put comes out correctly.

3. Street

This bet is almost the same as split up, but this time you have to place three numbers that are close together. The Player will get paid from the Dealer of 11:1 if the number you put out comes out.

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4. Corner

You must place a bet on 4 adjacent rolet online. You just simply place your chip in the corner where the four numbers meet. The dealer will pay 8:1 if your bet goes out.

5. 6 Lines / 6 Lines

You simply place a bet on six numbers. To be able to place this type of bet, you only need to place your chips at the end of the two lines you want. The win you get is 5:1.

6. Column

As the name implies, you can place bets on one column you want. You simply place your chip in one of the boxes (2 or 1). 2:1 the dealer will pay you if you win.

7. Dozen / Dozen

You can place bets on all numbers marked with a dozen / dozen marks. To choose this bet type you simply place your chips at a dozen 1st (1-12)/ dozen 2nd (13-24)/ dozen 3rd (25-36). You will get a 2:1 net win of the bet value placed.

8. Red or Black / Red or Black

You are only allowed to install in one of the boxes between black or red. The dealer will pay 1 to 1 if you win the bet.

9. Odd or Even / Odd or Even

As the name implies, you only agen superbull need to place on the betting table marked Odd/Odd or Even/Even. For the winning results obtained 1:1 if the number that comes out is Odd/Even.

10. Low or High / Small (1-18) or Large (19-36)

If you want to set low, you can simply install in boxes 1 to 18, and vice versa if you want to set high, you simply put in boxes 19-36. You will get a 1:1 winning result if your bet is correct.

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11. Orphans

This type of bet is placed on all numbers between zero and tier where you place five chips at once. You will get various payments.

Those are some types of bets in online roulette games that you must master well before starting to play. For those of you who just want to start playing online roulette, register immediately on the Depobos List site which provides the most complete and trusted online gambling game.