Guide How to Play Hi-Lo Casino Online

Hi-Lo is one of the Mini Games games provided by Live Casino. This game is one of the best-selling games in online casino mini games.

Hi-Lo games are no less popular than other Live Casino Online games. Because this Hi-Lo game is a game that is quite easy to play without having to have any agen bola resmi tricks to win it.

REMI cards in the Hi-Lo game have large and small values, and there are 4 types of bets on the Hi-Lo game at the Official Soccer Gambling Agent .


following, we will explain the large and small values ​​of cards in Hi-Lo games.

– Card Value

The number card 2 has the smallest value, and card A has the largest value in the Hi-Lo Card game.

– Picture Card

Value The picture card value has a different daftar domino qq order of levels according to the leaf motif on the card. The following is the order of the cards from small value to large value.

Diamond (Red)
Curly (Black)
Heart (Red)
Shovel (Black)


Here we will discuss the menus available in the Hi-Lo Live Casino Online game. We will explain the menu when you play as below:

– Stake or Bet Amount

Determine the amount of bet you want, and according to the amount of money you bring into the game. (Example Bet value 1.00 = Rp. 1,000, – )

– Speed ​​or Speed

This menu serves to speed up the opening of cards in the game. You can speed up and slow down the game using this speed menu.

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– Collect or Take

This menu is used to retrieve the wins that have been obtained in the game. We suggest that if you are in doubt about the next bet, you can take the win first. Because if you choose the wrong game in the next game, the wins in the collect menu will be forfeited.

– New Game or New Game This

menu serves to start a new game. Usually when you choose the wrong one or after you take your winnings from the collect menu. A new game menu will appear which means starting a new game.


After identifying the game menu, next we will explain the types of Hi-Lo Live Casino Games Cards bets that you can play. The types of bets that exist in the Hi-Lo game are:

– Hi-Lo/High-Low

Betting In playing Hi-Lo betting all you have to do is guess the cards that will come out in the closed card stack menu. The card stack menu functions to shuffle the cards on your left center screen.

– Suit Betting (Type of Card Drawing)

Suit betting is where you make a bet to guess the type of card motif that will come out after shuffling.

– Color Bet (Color Bet)

Color Bet Is a type of bet that guesses the color that will come out after the cards are shuffled.

We suggest you concentrate when playing this game. Because this game is reliable enough to give you victory. Get your account to play Hi-Lo by registering at Starbet99 Registertrusted online gambling agent.

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