Guide How to Play Niu Niu IDN Live Games

Niu Niu is also known as Bull Bull. The origin of this game is a game from China in the form of a Chinese version of the poker card game.

This Niu Niu game uses an ordinary card deck which is like playing a poker game with a total of 52 cards without a joker. Each player will get 5 cards each in their hand to compete with the dealer’s card. Well, in the Niu Niu Live Casino game, there are usually 1 dealer and 3 player stalls. We are free to bet on any player, including the sidebet later.

How to Play Niu Niu Live Casino

online casino gambling agent – There will be two decks of cards that will be used alternately in each round. Before the game starts, the dealer’s assistant will shuffle a deck of cards that will be played in that round first. The dealer will open 1 card to determine who is dealt the card first, and after that the card will be dealt counterclockwise with its position.

After that, each player’s stall will be dealt 5 cards one by one. The calculation method is similar to Samgong, where the calculation if the card value exceeds 10 is only taken in units. a combination of 3 cards to determine Bull or No Bull, which means that Bull is a multiple of 10. Note that all picture cards, namely King, Queen, Jack are worth 10, Ace is worth 1, and normal numbers 2-10 are the same as the number.

Bets can be placed in each Player’s box according to your wishes, the choices are Equal Multiples (Equal), Double Multiples (Double), and Multiple Multiples (Many). For Equivalent Multiples bets will be paid in a ratio of 1:0.95, for example if you place 100 thousand you will get 95 thousand.

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Dealer: getting Bull 6/Niu 6 value, according Daftar Situs Agen Judi Sbobet to the calculation of 8+10 (jack)+2 = 20 means Bull, and 7+9=16 means the unit is worth 6, so the combination of 5 Bandar cards results in Bull 6 value.

Player 1: gets Bull 1/Niu 1, because the combination 10(K)+10(J)+10(Q) = 30 means Bull and 1+10(Q)=11 means the unit is worth 1, so the combination is Bull 1 .

Player 2: gets Bull 1/Niu 1, because the combination 9+7+4 = 20 means Bull and 4+7=11 means the unit is worth 1, so the combination is Bull 1.

Player 3: get the value of No Bull / Without Niu, because the combination of three cards from a total of 5 cards is not a multiple of 10. And immediately counts as losing.

From the calculation above, it can be seen that the Bandar value is the winner, because it has Bull 6 which has a higher value than Bull 1 belonging to Player 1 and Player 2.

That’s our discussion this time about the guide on how to play Niu Niu IDN Live. Hopefully this guide can help you understand how to play and can play comfortably.