Guide How to Play Roulette Online For Beginners

Roulette gambling is the easiest machine gambling ever made, although roulette gambling is considered easy, but for beginners who just want to try it will definitely find it difficult to play. In playing roulette, players are required to guess one number out of dozens of numbers on the roulette machine.

This type of casino roulette game is one of the most famous and very popular games. This game uses a small ball, a spinning wheel board consisting of 37 parts of which 37 parts are filled with numbers 0 to 36. Players can also place bets on even or odd sides, for more clarity and completeness, see the image below

How to play roulette and win payouts:
Straight Up – Placing on any single number (including zero). Includes 1 number.

Split Bet – Placing on the line between two numbers (including zero). Includes 2 numbers.

Street Bet – Placing at the end of each number line. Street Bet includes 3 numbers.

Corner Bet – Places on the corner where four numbers meet. Includes 4 numbers.

Line Bet – Placing at the end of two lines at the intersection. Includes all numbers in both rows a total of 6 numbers.

Column Bet – Placing in one of the boxes marked ‘2 to 1’ at the end of the column includes all numbers in that column, including 12 numbers. (This zero is not included).

Dozen Bet – Installing in agen bola terbesar any of the three boxes marked ‘1 st 12’, ‘2 nd 12’, or ‘3 rd 12’ includes 12 numbers.

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Red/Black – Choose either black or red from the game results slot depo via pulsa  18 numbers.

Even/Odd – Choose an odd or even number including 18 numbers

Winning Payout Value
1 Number 35 X pair
2 Number 17 X pair
3 Number 11 X pair
4 Number 8 X pair
6 Number 5 X pair
12 Number 2 X pair
18 Number 1 X pair

1. Before starting the game, look for a table or tables that have slightly free rules and always try to place bets on one of the outside sides. The outer side is even or odd, red or black, top or bottom, column or tens. Usually players will have a little difficulty when they have to determine betting pairs quickly, by doing this it will really help you in the game of roulette.

2. Always try to pay attention to the game of roulette before placing a bet on the table, because the previous game can help you predict correctly to place a bet on the next round of the game. If you meet a series of red, then the next round you must also commit to placing a bet on red. This method is usually used by every player.

3. This method is also very important, namely by increasing practice by playing free or no deposit roulette games to hone your skills so that when you play with real money.

4. Make a strategy when you have already won a big win from the game of roulette, try to do your capital withdrawal first. if you want to continue the game use the money from the winnings to continue the game.

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5. Always check the history on the table you want to play. If you are sure about the table, please continue playing with concentration and remember you are playing not to win a lot but to find fun or entertainment.

6. Always play at European roulette type tables only. because most novice players don’t know American roulette, there is a column of 00 numbers so that you get stuck in the game and experience a lot of losses.

7. If you play roulette online on the internet, you must always pay attention to whether the game account provider can be trusted or not. We suggest it is better to play online roulette games through the Mukacasino site because the quality of all the games has proven to be good.

8. If you play at the original casino table before the round begins, first check the slope of the roulette table you want to play. in this case, it has received a lot of recognition from several players that the slope is able to make even numbers appear more often than odd numbers or vice versa, this factor sometimes will also make players lose.

Thus the explanation and guide on how to play online roulette for beginners. Always remember what you have read from this article so you don’t lose and become more expert in playing online roulette.