Guide to Calculating Online Ball Mix Parlay Odds

In today’s article we will discuss how to calculate MixParlay betting odds in Trusted Football Betting.

MIX which means a combination of several teams that are combined into one, while PARLAY is an easy way to get lots of money from online soccer gambling bets. So in the sense of soccer betting, it can also be said to be multiple bets.

On this occasion we try to review how to place and calculate mixparlay bets on Sbobet. Trusted Bola88 agent Mixparlay namely soccer betting should be taken at least 3 teams of 3 competitions.

You can choose Handicap, Over/Under, Correct Score (Guess Score), 1×2, or Overall Goal (total goals) bets in Half time (half the first half) and Full Time (2×45 minutes) competitions. The Sbobet Mix Parlay payment amount is the multiplication of the odds value (khei) you specify, multiplied by your Bet Value.

The following are tips on how to bet and calculate mix parlays, we also include pictures for you to make it easier to learn about this Mixparlay bet.

In the picture above, there are 3 choices of parlay teams, you have to choose a minimum of 3 teams to mix parlay from qq domino poker one of them, handicap, over/under, 1×2, or Odd/even (even/odd). After selecting 3 teams, a column will appear on the left, then you can enter the bet value.

In that column you can see Mix Parlay @8.031, which means that your payout can be multiplied by the total value of your bet.

Example: If you bet 100 (Rp 100,000, -) , the prize multiplication is 8031, if all three of your teams win in full, then the prize you will get is = 100 x (8,031 – 1) = 703.1 (Rp 703,100). Keep in mind that each multiplication value must be reduced by 1 and then multiplied by the Daftar Bandar Bola Terpercaya  of your bet.

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How to Calculate Mix Parlay Odds if there is 1 SERIES Team
In the parlay above, the player chooses 4 teams but in fact there is 1 team that is DRAW (Draw), how to calculate it? if all four teams win FULL, then the multiplication prize is 15,934. However, because there is 1 team that draws, so the Khei/odds that are multiplied are only those who win, namely:

Colombia vs greece odds = 2.01 (Win Info)

even uruguay vs costa rica = 1.89 (Win Info)

Over England vs Italy = 1.96 (Win Info)

So the Multiplication Prize is = 2.01 x 1.89 x 1.96 = 7,455. The bet amount is 50. so the possible results are (7,455 – 1) x 50 = 322.75.

How to Calculate Mix Parlay Odds If 1 Team Wins Half
In the picture above the player makes a mix parlay bet of 3 teams, but one of the teams wins half (WON 1/2). How does the formula calculate it? Here the odds of the won 1/2 party are 2.20. So the way to calculate won 1/2 is { (Party odds value 1/2 won – 1) : 1/2} + 1. So for the IFK Varnamo match the odds for won 1/2 are { (2.20 – 1) : 1/2 } +1 = 1.60.

Ghana -0.25 handicap, odds = 2.04 (full win status)

Jongkopings sodra -0.5 handicap, odds = 2.05 (Full Win Status)

IFK Varnamo, -0.75 handicap, odds = 1.60 (Win Status 1/2)

So the way to calculate the overall winning Odds is = 2.04 x 2.05 x 1.60 = 6.691. The bet value is 15 (Rp 15,000), – so the winnings are (6,691 – 1) x 15 = 85.37 (Rp 85,370)

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How to Calculate Mix Parlay Odds If 1 Team Loses Half
In the picture above the player makes a bet of 5 teams for the Mix Parlay, and there is 1 team that loses 1/2 but still counts as winning. List of Sbobet Agents If in your Mix Parlay there is 1 team that loses half (Lose 1/2) the winnings will still be counted. The steps to calculate it are: multiplying the prize odds of the winning team only, then divided by 2.

Brazil 1×2, odds = 1.31 (Full Win Status)

Mexico Level 0 Handicap, odds = 1.54 (Full Win Status)

Nederlands +1 handicap, odds = 1.59 (Full Win Status)

Chile 1×2, odds = 1.41 (Full Win Status)

The overall formula for Odds 1/2 loses the Mix Parlay prize = (multiplying the odds of the winning team only): 2. So the Mix Parlay Odds is { (1.31 x 1.54 x 1.59 x 1.41): 2 } = 2.261. The bet value is 13 (Rp 13,000, -). So the winnings are (2,261 – 1) x 13 = 16.40 (Rp 16,400)