Guide to How to Play Sicbo Online Gambling For Beginners

Sicbo gambling is a game or gambling that uses dice media as the core of the game, where 3 dice will be used in a container then the dealer on duty will mix them.

This online sicbo bet is very simple, that is, you as a player only need to guess and place a bet for the outcome of the dice. If it turns out that the bet that was placed is in accordance with the results, you will get a winning prize according to the rules & conditions that apply to each type of bet.

How to Play Sicbo Gambling Online

Even if you have thoroughly mastered everything in online Sicbo gambling, you still cannot get a 100% win guarantee. Therefore, make sure you understand the guide on how to play online Sicbo gambling for beginners below.

1. Features in the Sicbo Betting Room

When you play sicbo gambling on the online casinomukacasino site and have entered a room, then there are several terms or features that can be chosen, including:

Exit = Exit the current room.

Rules = Rules of playing sic bo.

Balance = Total balance held.

Win = Successfully got a win.

Repeat = To bet on the previous nominal and bet type.

Confirm = Confirm all bets.

Cancel all = Cancel all bets and start with a new one.

Clear Last = Clears the last bet.

2. Understand Sicbo Bet Types

After the system and the dealer have agen sbobet88 lowered the shuffled dice, then our next step as players must place a bet, as for the types of bets in online sicbo gambling consisting of:

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Small/Big Bet.

Odd/Even Bet.

Guess the Dice Result.

Bet 2 Dice Numbers.

Bet 1 Dice Number.

Twins 2 & Twins 3.

3. Functions of Each Bet Type

Small or Big Bet: This means guessing and placing a bet based on the number of dice that come out. If it comes out between 4-10 then it means SMALL, but if it comes out between 11-17 it will be declared as BIG. Numbers 3 and 18 cannot be bet because these numbers belong to the dealer.

Odd or Even Bet: Guess and place a bet based on the value of the three dice, including 1,3,5,7,9,11,13,15,17 then it is odd, while 2,4,6,8,10, 12,14,16,18 then it is even.

Guessing 2 Dice Numbers: This means guessing and placing 2 predicted numbers that will come out on the dice.

Guessing 1 Dice Number: This means guessing and placing 1 predicted number that will come out on the dice.

Twins 2 and Twins 3: This means guessing and placing the numbers that will come out twins on 2 dice to 3 dice.

You have to master the 3 things above as a basic provision for playing online live casino gambling, especially online sicbo gambling. I hope the contents of this article can be useful for all of you.