Guide to Playing Baccarat Online for Beginners

The dream of making money in a short time is everyone’s desire. Although it is often said that money will not come easily but through the game of baccarat, winning a fantastic amount is something that can be realized.

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How to Play Real Money Baccarat

Playing baccarat online or even at the casino, you will find terms that are often used in playing and found on the baccarat table, namely:

Dealer: the person in charge of dealing the cards.

Deck: 52 cards in the game. In the game of baccarat, 1 game set uses 8 decks of cards that are dealt randomly.

Chips: a substitute for the currency used for betting. The chip value is generally equal to the local currency.

Player: betting position that guesses the value of the Player’s card is greater than the Banker’s card.

Banker: betting position daftar idnplay poker 99 that guesses the value of the Banker card is greater than the Player’s card.

Tie: betting position that guesses the draw between the Player and Banker card values.

Player Pair: guess the first two cards that come out of the Player’s card are cards of the same value or twins (pair).

Banker Pair: guess the first two cards that come out of the Banker card are cards of the same value or twins (pair).

Fortune Six: guess the bet on the position of the card value on the Banker is worth 6.


How to Count in Playing Baccarat Online

For bets on the Player’s position in online baccarat, you will get a winning fee of 1:1. In online baccarat games for Banker position bets are subject to a 5% discount as a banker fee so the bet is worth IDR 100,000, – if you win, the victory will receive IDR 95,000.

For bets placed on Tie and it turns out to be a win, the payment value received is 1:8 of the bet value. Bet placed on the Banker or Player position and when the value that comes out is Tie then the bet will be returned to the Player.

Betting on a pair, either Player Pair or Banker Pair, both have a payout value of 1: 11 of the bet value. The position of the pair that is considered valid in playing baccarat is the position of the pair obtained on the first two cards only. Pairs formed when on the third card will not be considered valid in the baccarat game.

Fortune Six bets are bets that guess the number of Banker cards will be worth 6. A correct guess will pay a winning payout of 1:22 of the bet value. It should be noted that Fortune Six games are not always available at every baccarat table or at trusted online casinos .

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