Guide to Playing Correct Score Online Soccer Gambling

Correct Score or Guess Score is one of the most profitable betting markets besides Outright. Due to the multiplication of the Odds / Prize Betting which is very large, it attracts the attention of many soccer gambling enthusiasts.
The correct score playing system is also very easy because players only need to guess correctly the score created in a match. If you want to know how to play correct score, in this post we will discuss specifically and in detail regarding the market which will be explained below.

How to Place a Correct Score Bet

The SBOBET score guessing system at the trusted Bola88 Agent is slightly different from other game products. In addition to the location of the differences in appearance, SBOBET has several different names for each of the available betting options and one of them is AOS which stands for Any Other Score.

How to place bets guess the score is very easy because it is no different from other bets, be it Handicap, Over / Under, Odds / Even, Outright and others. Here we include a picture and how to install it so you can agen poker online terpercaya understand more easily.

As in the example image above where the match that will be held between BK Hacken vs Ostersunds FK, there are various options for guessing scores:

0:0 odds @ 13
0:1 odds @ 11.5
0:2 odds @ 20
0:3 odds @ 55
0:4 odds @ 1.80
1:0 odds @ 8.75
1:1 odds @ 6.2
1:2 odds @ 10.5
1:3 odds @ 28
1:4 odds @ 100
2:0 odds @ 11.5
2:1 odds @ 7.6
2:2 odds @ 11.5
2:3 odds @ 30
2:4 odds @ 105
3:0 odds @ 23
3:1 odds @ 15
3:2 odds @ 20
3:3 odds @ 48
3:4 odds @ 170
4:0 odds @ 60
4:1 odds @ 40
4:2 odds @ 55
4:3 odds @ 105
4:4 odds @ 180
AOS odds @ 26
In accordance with the name of this market itself, namely Correct Score / Guess the Score, which means you have to be really accurate in predicting the outcome of the match. Examples are as follows:
If you predict the score will end at 1:2 for Ostersunds FK win, then you have to click / press odds @ 10.5
If you predict the match will be won by BK Hacken with a score of 3:2, then you should click / press odds @ 20
Note: If there is a neutral in a match, you must pay attention to the betting market at SBOBET where the Team in the Top / Left position is the Home (Home). On the other hand, the team in the bottom or right position is the Away.

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The next question is what about AOS? As mentioned above, AOS stands for Any Other Score which means another score. Another score that is meant is the score you guess apart from the available score.

For example, if you want to guess that BK Hacken will win with a landslide score of 5:0, you will not find that number in the market provided. Therefore you should choose AOS. And vice versa if you want to guess the score 5:1, 0:6, 3:5 and so on.

How to Calculate Correct Score Bet Prize

The formula for calculating the prize bet on the guessing score market is the same as 1X2 because it belongs to the Money Line group. For example, a player guesses the score in the match BK Hacken vs Ostersunds FK with a score of 2:3 where the odds are 30.
Then: (Odds – 1) x Bet Amount
Calculation: (30 – 1) x 500 = 29 x 500 = 14,500 Prize bets earned.
That’s all we can say about the discussion of the Guide to Playing Correct Score Online Soccer Gambling. Hopefully it can be useful for beginners who are just trying to play online soccer gambling.