Guide to Playing Dragon Tiger for Beginners

Game Dragon Tiger is a type of game that is relatively easy to understand but difficult to master. This time we will discuss a guide on how to play dragon tiger for beginners. Because this game is really popular, especially in Asian countries.
Understanding Dragon Tiger Online Game
Actually the game dragon tiger is quite similar to the game baccarat. But the game tiger is packaged more differently and easier for players to understand. Because it has a way of playing that is quite similar to the game of baccarat, situs slot online game table also has a fairly similar appearance.

The main difference between this game and baccarat is that in this game, dragon tiger, each party only gets 1 card and there is no kicker card or third card like in baccarat.

In addition, the betting options in the Dragon Tiger game are also more diverse, such as Dragon Odd/Even, Dragon Red/Black, Tiger Odd/Even and Tiger Red/Black.
Dragon Tiger Game Bet Type
1. Players must place their bets and there are 3 choices namely Dragon or Tiger or TIE.

2. Banker will deal one card to Dragon & Tiger.

3. To determine each winner, the Dragon or Tiger with the highest score is chosen, then that will be the winner.

If Dragon & Tiger have the same daftar markasjudi value, then the game is TIE or BALANCE (doesn’t depend on flower/motif) card.

Highest Card K (King) & Lowest Card A (US).
Example : K, Q, J, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, A

Pay to Win (Dragon or Tiger) = 1 : 1
Example : Place 100k to win 100k. No commission deducted by the dealer.

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Pay for Tie/series = 1 : 10
Example: Post 100 k to win 1 million.
Tips for Playing Dragon Tiger Online
Because in Dragon or Tiger games there are often consecutive wins, then observe the cards that come out. If the card that comes out is Dragon then continue to bet on Dragon and vice versa. But if when you observe the winning cards change frequently or there are no winning streaks, then wait for the right moment to bet.

If you have bet on Dragon and Dragon has won 5 to 6 times in a row then it’s time to play more carefully. At this point we suggest you to change your bet to tiger or you can skip the bet if you are not sure and wait for the next winning streak.

Know your inner limits when playing gambling, don’t get too carried away in the game. Better to gain a little than to lose a lot. Because this game is a game that really depends on your luck.