History of the First Discovery of Baccarat Gambling Games

Baccarat is one of the gambling games that uses playing card media, this gambling has been around for a long time and can even be said since ancient times because it was created in the 15th century.

Some news sources say that the game of baccarat comes from the Italian language which means 0. In this baccarat game, players must collect cards until the total number is 9 or close to 9.

This baccarat game can be said to be quite difficult to play because it has quite a lot of provisions. Although it is quite difficult to play but many people want to try the game of baccarat because it makes many people curious as to how difficult this game is, which eventually causes curiosity to try this game of baccarat.

In addition, because this baccarat game has existed for several hundred years, there have been many changes in the historical history of the beginning of this baccarat game. One of them is there is a man named Felix Falguere, he is a reliable gambler from the Italian nobility who is very famous. He agen judi casino was the first to introduce baccarat.

However, at the beginning of this baccarat game, many people began to know there was a nobleman from Italy named Charmin De Fur, he played this baccarat and he recommended Felix to change the name of baccarat to Charmin De Fur according to his name. However, until now the name of this game is still called baccarat.

Early History Game Baccarat Online

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Around 1900 this game of baccarat began to spread throughout the world and became famous. Baccarat is known to the European and American continents. One example in the United States baccarat is very well known as American Baccarat or also called Punto Banco. In America the fame of this baccarat game is not inferior to the fame in European countries.

This baccarat game is also famous in Las Vegas because there is a casino manager named Tommy Renzoni, who introduced this baccarat game to casino visitors. To his surprise, it turned out that this game was well received by casino visitors, so many tried to play this baccarat. Especially at that time many nobles who like to gamble.

This online casino poker baccarat game is also famous in China. became one of the early history of the game of baccarat which is no less popular as in America and Europe. At that time, people in China initially played a game that used cards that were very similar to a domino game compared to a game of baccarat.

Before the Chinese people knew the game of baccarat, they first knew a game called Pai Gow. This game is a type of gambling game that uses blocks by arranging as many as nine best score arrangements. In the history of the game of baccarat apparently has a rule of play that is to form the number nine.

Experts in the Early History of the Game of Baccarat

There is another opinion that comes from the ancient Romans that at that time there was a game that used dice. this game is one of the beliefs of the local community to determine the fate of their lives. As for the early history of the game of baccarat, it is about rituals in Egypt, the existence of a virgin woman who became a dice thrower. If the number 8 or the number 9 comes out then he symbolizes the highest position. Then if he gets the number 6 or the number 7 then he has to sacrifice himself to be dumped and drowned in the sea.

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Although this ancient Greek ritual with baccarat has similarities to the number nine, the two are still considered to have a relationship with each other because the game at that time used dice while the game of baccarat used cards. This ritual in Greece has a very strong influence on people’s daily lives.

In addition, there is even more valid evidence found in France, namely when Marcopolo returned from his trip around the world in the 13th century. At that time there were games that used card media. This card is used by several people to play on the table. The cards he uses are different from the cards we know today. At that time they used some stamped pieces of wood as a sign.

This method follows from the Pai Gow game owned by the Chinese state. This method was used by Marcopolo when traveling the world and he introduced this method to Italian society in the 13th century. This piece of wood was stamped as a symbol or sign. Once the game disseminated by Marcopolo was accepted by the community and got a lot of positive response then this game became developed and famous.

But there are some who claim there is evidence of the first appearance of the game of baccarat. There is some evidence that the game of baccarat originated in Italy. That’s where the first to introduce this game before France. However, until now, there are still many predictions from experts regarding the early history of the game of baccarat.

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