How the Bandar to Set the Soccer Gambling Score

Like a story that never ends, match fixing in the soccer world is an activity that keeps popping up in this sport. In fact, it seems the numbers have never subsided, even though many people in the football world have tried or campaigned to eradicate this cheating thing.

For football fans, knowing whether a match has been arranged or not is not an easy matter. In addition to this practice being carried out neatly, the involvement of many parties, whether players, club management, or opponents, makes an irregularity in a match difficult to detect.

History of Match Fixing in Indonesian Football

Trusted Bola88 Agent – Like a living Daftar Judi Bola Terbaik being, match -fixing is also a thing that grows over time. Many people know this, starting when the Indonesian and Thai national teams practiced this during the 1998 AFF match. At that time, both teams were seen playing elephant soccer matches deliberately wanting to lose the match.

According to M Isnur, Head of Case Handling of the Jakarta Legal Aid Institute, the incident of bribery has occurred since 2000. From that time, of course, the fixing of the score that occurred in the last eight of the 2014 First Division match between PSS vs. PSIS Semarang became a shocking thing for many person. To the extent that FIFA is involved in wanting to investigate it.

Thanks to this sad incident, several players and team captains received life sentences from being unable to participate in the world of football. If you see that match-fixing cases continue to emerge, it seems that the highest national football organization must immediately think of an effective way to catch them. This is also proof that the temptation to practice is easily accepted by footballers.

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How to Recognize a Match is Arranged

Although it is difficult to tell whether a match has been arranged or not, it does not mean that the case cannot be known 100%. In general, a match that is set will not change much to the score. In addition, they also said,

“Usually a team that travels to the opponent’s headquarters has a 30 percent chance of winning, but there are some games where the odds jump to 85 percent,”

Meanwhile, according to Professor David Forrest of Salford University, the final match of the season which has an important importance for the team is most often set the score. From the author’s search, indications of this practice can also be revealed by the many golden opportunities being wasted or surprisingly a team gets an occult penalty.

Seeing these facts would be a terrible thing if the fixing of the score was not immediately addressed. In addition to destroying this sport, it will also make football lose its positive values.