How to Play Live Casino Monopoly Bet IDNPLAY

This time we will discuss how to Play Monopoly at IDNPLAY’s Live Casino. Monopoly is a game that is widely known to the public as a very cool game.

This game uses a board containing boxes with the names of countries. The difference between ordinary monopoly games and those at online casino gambling agents is only slightly modified so that it is more interesting. The board used contains 20 squares marked with country names and has 16 countries and 4 special corner squares.

The board has zones, each containing 4 countries, namely:

4 Red Zone Countries: Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Brunei.

4 Yellow Zone Countries: Japan, China, Korea, Hong Kong.

4 Blue Zone Countries: Vietnam, Philippines, Thailand, Laos.

4 Green Zone Countries: Cambodia, Macao, India, Taiwan.

And the 4 corners contain Bonus x2, Bonus x1, Bonus x1/2 each 1 Box and 1 box Contains Zonk.

The uniqueness of this game is in the bonus box system, which if the light stops in the bonus box then all bets will be considered as wins. And paid according to the value of the bonus box. Meanwhile, if the light stops in the zone box then all bets are considered lost, the dealer wins. (Except 50:50 bets will count as “DRAW”)

This game also uses a unique dice situs idn poker online that has 20 sides filled with numbers. The dice will be thrown into the box, and the result of the dice will be the reference for the stop of the monopoly pawn.

Rules of the Game
The time allotted to place a bet is 50 seconds in each period. After the betting time is up, the Dealer will roll the dice to determine the number of moves. The dice output number will be a step reference and the light will run to the stop point according to the dice number.
Furthermore, the calculation of wins and losses will be processed according to the stop of the lights on the flying flag.
The dealer will input the results and start the next period which is also given 50 seconds.
In the next round, the dealer will roll the dice again, and the results of the dice numbers will return to be the reference. However the light will run from the last box the light stopped (result of previous period).
Bet Type

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There are only 3 types of bets in this game, namely:
Guess the correct country bet: that is to guess exactly in which country the lights will stop.
Guess the zone bet: there are four choices in this bet, namely the red, green, blue and yellow sides. These zones are the four sides of this board game.
Bet guess 50-50, there are two choices of boxes containing eight countries each. The first box contains Indonesia, Malaysia, Japan, China, Macao, India, Philippines, and Laos. The second box contains Singapore, Brunei, Korea, Hong Kong, Cambodia, Taiwan, Vietnam, and Thailand.
Payment Index
Betting 50:50 : 1x Pair With 5% Kei (For this bet if the result stops at Bonus or Zone it will be considered “DRAW”)
Betting 1 Country : 11x Bet.
4 Countries Betting : 2x Bet.
2x Bonus: All Pairs are paid x2 Bet value.
1x Bonus: All Pairs are paid x1 Bet value.
1/2x Bonus : All Pairs are paid x1/2 of Bet value.
Zone: All Pairs Withdraw (lose).
Tips and Tricks to Play Monopoly IDN Casino

Focus on the 50-50 bet as your main bet. And bet with a small value (10% of the main bet value) every period in the guess country bet by choosing at least 2 countries. Then pay attention to recent results on history and statistics, and bet on them. Also try betting on the guess zone bet if the statistics show good results in a certain zone (40% and above).