How to Play Super Sicbo Live Evolution Gaming

Live Super Sic Bo is the first dice game from Evolution Gaming, the most successful live game provider worldwide.

Live presenter game is based on the ancient Asian game Sic Bo. In a custom-built studio, three dice are rolled, while you bet on the right outcome.

How is this Evolution Gaming release different from the regular Sic Bo? Here multiplication makes a big difference. The rules may be similar to a regular game, but you need to adjust your strategy so that you can get multiplications up to x1000! In Super Sic Bo, every match can be a big win.

Super Sic Bo Evolution Gaming Review

Super Sic Bo Evolution Gaming online Cara Daftar Sbobet Casino is a rather simple game, you can learn how it works in just a few spins. However, it is very entertaining, as the simplicity of the game is offset by the rather complicated betting grid. The sheer number of possible outcomes of the game make smart and strategic betting an absolute priority. You will have fun trying to figure out patterns and trends and betting.

This game opens in a fantastically custom made studio, based on red and gold. The presenter does not interact with the dice, which are thrown in a completely automatic way. There is no possibility of interference with the outcome of the game.

Super Sic Bo immediately follows the rules of the classic game, but just like in Lightning Roulette and Lightning Dice, there are random multipliers that spice up the game. When all bets are closed, a random multiplier of up to x1000 is applied to some of the numbers on the betting grid.

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It is true that a multiplier is applied randomly to every possible bet, however a x1000 multiplier is awarded only for certain types of bets. We are talking about triple betting, the only betting strategy that will give you one of those x1000 multipliers. Different bets are awarded different multipliers – keep reading to find out all.

Betting Strategy on Super Sic Bo

Live Super Sic Bo is a pretty easy game. There’s nothing difficult to understand in the game’s opening, which is just waiting for the dice shaker to stop and reveal the result of the round.

While this is very entertaining, the real challenge comes from your betting strategy. There are so many possible outcomes, and so many possible betting numbers, you have to make decisions and bet strategically.

Let’s take a look at some simple betting strategies. You will be able to use them or make a combination of them all. Remember to choose a bet size that will allow you to play for a long time, because the outcome of the game may not be as easy as you think.

PLAY SAFE: if you want to play for a long time and are fond of losing money, betting on even/odd or small/big can be a good strategy. This way you can keep playing for a long time without losing. You won’t win big, but you will have a chance to have fun.

TESTING MULTIPLIER X1000: another possible strategy is to bet on all triples and wait for the big multiplier. This is a very risky strategy, you may lose some money before winning anything. However, you put yourself in the position of winning big and getting back your losses at high interest!

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MIXED STRATEGY: with this strategy you combine risky and safe bets. This way you can cash out high-stakes bets, but also play it safe and not give up too much of your bankroll with safer bets. This seems to be the most profitable strategy in the long run.