How to Read Odds in Online Football Betting

To understand how to calculate the winning odds that we can get from a match, of course we first need to know how to read kei or odds.

Through the article that we have prepared below, we will explain in full detail. Starting from the understanding of what odds are, what are the types, how are they calculated, and also how to apply in soccer betting.

Understanding About Odds

In soccer betting, kei, or what is also known as odds, has the meaning of calculating the winning results that we can get from a match. There are 2 types of odds, namely plus odds, and also minus odds which can be referred to as kei minus as well.

There are also some people who call kei minus water money. In contrast to the multiplication calculation at live casinos which have been fixed 1:2, 1:3, 1:4 etc., in how to read kei or odds in soccer gambling, it is necessary to pay attention to several decimal numbers behind to 1:1.23, 1:1.02 etc.

Based on the type of calculation, at agen dominoqq Trusted, there are 5 types of odds that we can choose, each of which is the Hong Kong (HK), (IND) Indonesian, (US) American, (Dec) Decimal, and (MY) Malaysian odds. We recommend always using Indonesian odds, because apart from being easier, these market odds are also the most widely used by many people in the country, both dealers and players.

How to Calculate Odds

In general, there are 2 odds in one market, namely odds for us to place home or away. And of the two odds, there is 1 odds minus (red writing) and 1 plus odds (black writing). There is also a possibility that both will be minus odds. But there can’t be 2 plus odds at the same time.

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Example Odds:

1. Place Belgium, odds -1.39 (red)

If we put 400 and win, then our balance will increase according to what we installed, which is +400. If the initial balance is 400, it will be 800.
If we put 400 and lose, then our balance will decrease by 400 X (-1.39) = -556. We will not be able to put 400 here if our balance is less than 556.
2. Place England, odds 1.25 (black)
If we put 400 and win, then our balance will increase by 400 X 1.25 = +500. If the initial balance is 400, it will be 900.
If we put 400 and lose, then our balance will decrease according to what we put, which is -400.
Fix-Odds Count

In addition to the two minus and plus odds, there are also fix-odds, which are 1X2. There are only 2 odds in each match: First Half and Full Time, and only for 1X2, not over/under or anything else. For example, please take a look at the following:

We can see the odds for 1X2 in the far right column, namely 7.20, 1.35 and 4.40. In the fix-odds calculation, the applicable odds include your capital. The 1X2 calculation with the home (Sigma Olomouc) vs away (Sevilla) example above is like this:

If we put 200 at home, and Sigma wins, we will get 200 X 7.20 = 1440. This includes our capital, so our win is +1220.
If we put 200 away, and Sevilla wins, we will get 200 X 1.35 = 270. This includes our capital, so our win is +70.
If we put 200 in the draw, and the result is a draw, we will get 200 X 4.40 = 880. This includes our capital, so our win is + 680.
If we pay attention, the calculation of the multiplication of odds for Sigma is very large (X 7.20), because here Sevilla is far superior. This is still in accordance with the initial characteristics of the fix-odds, namely without using a handicap or vooran.
Various Odds

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For the odds on the trusted Bola88 Agent site, they are divided into 5 groups, namely Indo, HK, US, MY & DEC, the following is the explanation:

1. Odds Indo (Indonesia)

The black number 1.03 means the number of wins that we will get when betting. If we put 100, it means that our winning amount is 100 x 1.03 = 103
The red number -1.08 means the number of losses that will befall us when betting. If we put up 100, it means that our losing amount is 100 x 1.08 = 108
2. Odds HK (Hong Kong)

Hong Kong soccer betting odds in football matches are sometimes in demand by online soccer gambling players in Indonesia because they can be minimized. In contrast to the Malaysian and Indonesian markets, kei money is charged up front and uses minus odds, Hong Kong odds uses decimal odds without minus. For example, we put 100, at 0.96 odds, if we lose we will lose 100 thousand, if we win, we will win 96 thousand.

3. MY Odds (Malaysia)

In this market all kei coins are immediately rounded into the market. In the Malaysian market, all markets installed will not get paid more because in the Malaysian market, kei money is minimized for the superior team. For the unseeded team the average only has a difference of about 0.04 or 0.006 in each market.

4. Odds US (United States)

These American odds are almost the same as the calculation of Indonesian odds but the difference is that these odds are calculated in percent. For example, installing Bayern 04 Leverkusen 100 at odds of 101 means if you win, 100 x -101% = 101.

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5. Odds Dec (Decimal)

For this decimal odds, to multiply the winnings, we must first subtract the odds by 1. For example, we bet 100 at 1.93 odds, then we must first subtract the odds by 1. So the multiplication is 1.93 – 1 = 0.93. So if we win, 100 X 0.93 = 93 thousand.

Back to our advice at the beginning: Before playing, make sure the market you are using is Odds Indonesia. In addition to making it easier for us to calculate the winnings, there are several soccer dealers who provide promos with regulations that members must bet on Indonesian Odds with minimum odds at a certain number.