How to Read the Online Football Gambling Betting Exchange

Football betting is one of the number one types of gambling bets in the world that is most in demand by many bettors. The reason is besides being fun, the betting exchanges provided are very diverse. For example, the Sbobet market which has been recognized for its capacity and credibility.

Starting from the top European to domestic leagues, you can bet according to your individual taste and feeling. However, 10 out of 100 people who want to play online soccer gambling still don’t understand how to read the betting market on Sbobet.

Usually for people who just want to start playing online soccer gambling, they always have difficulty. Especially in reading Voor, Odds, and so on.

How to Read the Football Betting Exchange

Usually when you are in the Sbobet game you are presented with a choice of sports betting types to betting types. As Sbobet looks like below:

Well, here we will provide a agen bola terpercaya complete and clear guide to you. Of course, it is very easy to understand how to read the football betting market correctly. Before we get to the main topic, it’s important to first know about Voor and Odds. What are Voor and Odds? Here’s the full explanation:

1. Voor: Voor or its familiar language is called points. Voor can be given to the opposing team or the home team that will compete. And how to read Vooran like Agen Online Terpercaya:

0-0.5 : Voor or this point is 1/4
0.50 : Voor or this point is 1/2
0.5-1 : Voor or this point is 3/4
1: Voor or this point is 1
1-1.5 : Voor or this point is 1 1/4
1.50 : Voor or this point is 1 1/2
1.5-1 : Voor or this point is 1 3/4 and so on
For example: Real Madrid Vs Barcelona (Real Madrid Voor 1 1/2)
The result of the match 0: 2 (Barcelona won in full).

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2. Odds: Odds or in its meaning is a comparison of the value of the payment that we will receive or pay. If you look closely, the odds are divided into 2 colors between black and red. And red odds are always accompanied by a (-) sign while black is not. Why?

Black Odds : If you win the match then you will receive a payment according to the odds you previously placed. For example Sheffield Vs Watford, you bet IDR 100,000 at odds of 1.17. Then your team wins then the payment is Rp. 117,000.
Red Odds : If you lose the match you will pay according to the previous odds posted. For example Sheffield Vs Watford, you bet Rp. 100,000 at odds of 1.63. Then your team loses then you have to pay Rp. 163,000.
Now, after understanding about voor and odds, we will move on to the main topic, which is how to read the football betting market.

Complete Guide to How to Read the Online Football Market

There are 2 ways to place soccer bets, namely in full time (2×45 minutes) and round 1 (1×45 minutes). The system is the same only in full time there are more choices. For more details, see the example image below:

After you have made your choice to bet in the full round or only the first round, then proceed to the choice of type.
Handicap: Handicap is a type of betting on voor as previously described. And usually the red team sign is the giver of voor and the black one is the recipient of voor. And if you have chosen a team, all you have to do is click on the current odds.

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Over / Under : O/U is a type of bet on the guessed number of goals. So you just have to guess whether the number of goals that occur from the results of the match will be Over or Under in accordance with the prevailing market. And if you are ready to bet, just click Over (Above the Number of Goals) or Under (Below the Number of Goals).

1×2 : 1×2 or it can also be called 1 (Home), x (draw), 2 (Away). This type of bet is very easy, because you only need to guess whether the team wins or the result will be a draw. If you are ready to choose you just click on the prevailing odds market.

Odd/Even : Odd/Even is a bet type to guess whether the result of the match score is odd or even. example of odd score 2-1 and so on. Example of an even score of 2-2.

That’s a complete guide on how to read the Sbobet football betting market online. Hopefully with this information you can understand and understand clearly. And ready to play gambling on the football market.