How to Recover Losing Money Playing Online Gambling

As we know, wins and losses when playing games often occur. You could say that wins and losses are your daily diet.

But sometimes wins and losses are not the same, every time we gamble and you lose more than win. For this reason, we will provide the right solution to repair the lost funds while you are playing.

Each type of gambling game is always interesting to play, the excitement and prizes offered are able to make many people feel at home playing gambling. Sometimes he forgets that he has lost a lot. So in the end, after they had nothing left, they realized that a lot of money had been wasted on gambling.

How to Win Online Casino Gambling

If you are experiencing the same thing as before, you don’t need to worry too much, because here we provide you with the right solution to recover your lost funds when you play a game that you can participate in.

Several forms and phases that you Judi Casino Online have to do to get the money back for the game. At this stage you should really understand that you are not wrong to do so. The following is the right solution to recover lost funds when playing games on Indonesian online casino websites :

* Count your Total Losses

How much total loss did you experience while playing gambling? 10 million, 100 million or more even? Register and count all the total losses you have experienced correctly. This is useful for achieving the goal of how many wins you should win. It also shows that you are not greedy when you win.

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* Provide Capital

Recovering your lost money obviously requires more capital. Give capital at least 10% of the total loss you experience. Suppose you have experienced a loss of up to 100 million. Give at least 10 to 15 million as initial capital.

* Choose Trusted Sites

This puts you into playing on a trusted site that can pay out whatever your winnings are. Don’t choose a fake site, because if you don’t want to make a profit, you’re just wasting your time.

* Choose 2 Side Gambling

This two-way gambling game means that there are only two choices in the game, if not A wins then B wins. Usually this game can be played in online casino games such as Baccarat, Dragon Tiger Roulette, Sicbo, and many others.

* Bet With Maritingale Formula

If you have selected a game, for example baccarat provides the Martingale formula as a game reference. The way to play is to double the bet when you lose. For example, you choose a player in the first round, but the winner is the banker. Double your bet in the second round, and if you still lose, win the first round with the second and double your bet in the third round until you can win the bet.

If you win, you have to redo the bet from the beginning. Do it again and again until the loss of capital that you experience behind you slowly turns to win. Maybe that’s the right solution for a gambling loss that can be given to gambling friends.