How to Play Real Money Online Slot Gambling

Online slot gambling is one of the games that is very popular with online gambling game lovers around the world. In this game there are various types of games with a very high chance of winning. There is a term Jackpot in online slot games that pays many times over with a simple playing pattern.

Another advantage that can be obtained is by playing at online slot gambling agents who always provide various kinds of attractive prizes and bonuses for all Members. but to get the big profit, of course you have to win the game with the maximum bet.

5 Ways to Play Real Money Online Slot Gambling

To play real money online slot gambling games, the first step you have to do is to have an ID on the site where you play. If you don’t have an ID, you can register directly on the site, or if you have difficulty registering you can be assisted by customer service from the site where you play.

1. Stable Internet Network Connection

The first way we recommend is to make sure your internet network connection is stable before starting the game. If the connection situs depobos is unstable, you can experience some losses, for example the jackpot that you should get disappears because of the lag that occurs in the game when the connection is unstable.

2. Turn off Auto Bet Mode When Playing

Usually in online slot games there is an auto bet feature. We recommend that agen sbobet casino terpercaya turn off this feature so that automatic bets do not occur and you can still control the bets that are not excessive. Sometimes while playing online slots you may experience suddenly your balance runs out very quickly even though you are not playing it. this could have happened because you activated the auto bet feature. For the third example you exit the game and do not log out of your account, the auto bet system will continue to run until the balance runs out. So it is very necessary to turn off the auto bet feature before playing online slots.

3. Betting with a small amount

In playing slots you don’t need to bet a very large amount. If you do this, you will likely experience a big loss. Try to play patiently and bet with a small nominal so you don’t experience huge losses.

4. Playing Patiently and Not Easily Emotions

What often happens and is experienced by bettors is playing in an emotional state, and this is not recommended in all types of games. If you play in an emotional state, you can be sure you will experience a loss that can be very big. So if you feel you can’t control your emotions, you should stop playing first until you don’t feel emotional anymore.

5. Try Another Game

The last way is by switching games. In online slot games there are many different types of games, for that moving the game becomes one of the right ways to change luck. If in a slot game you manage to get the Jackpot, it is highly recommended not to continue playing in the same game. This is because if the jackpot contained in a game has been successfully won by the player, then the game will not give another victory in the near future.


The History of Trusted Online Baccarat Gambling

For those of you who like to play online casinos, you must be familiar with the real money online baccarat game. Among casino players, of course, they are very familiar with the game Bacarrat. With the development of the era, online Baccarat gambling has become one of the most popular games and is widely played throughout the world.

The history of online baccarat gambling begins with someone named Felix Falguiere. Baccarat Online comes from the Italian language, which means the word 0. The name Baccarat originally became the basis for the rules of the game Baccarat. In the Online Baccarat Gambling Game, all cards have a face image or there are also those that have tens calculated from the number 0.

The players must collect cards to a total of 9 or also close to 9. If you get a total number of more than 9 then it will be counted as well. The online Baccarat game itself is quite difficult to play and has rather complicated rules. But the history of the Online Baccarat Gambling game says that since the beginning playing Baccarat Online Gambling has always been liked by many online casino players. Because this online baccarat gambling game can cause curiosity for those who play in the game. Therefore, as time goes on, there are always more fans who want to play.

The Development of Trusted Online Baccarat Gambling

In the mid-1900s the game of baccarat began to make a long journey all the way to the European part of South America. Then followed by the United States, not too much different from the poker deposit pulsa popularity of European countries. In Cuba at that time there was no other metamorphosis with changes in the rules which became quite well known as American Baccarat or also known as Punto Banco.

Online Baccarat has entered places like Las Vegas a few years after being bandar sbobet terpercaya by a casino manager in Las Vegas by the name of Tommy Renzoni. Since its introduction in Las Vegas, online baccarat has become increasingly popular throughout Europe and America. Players who play Baccarat from the upper middle class. Very challenging game rules and small losses if you lose. That’s why so many players wanted to try playing the game of Baccarat by the nobles at that time.

Thus a little explanation about the history of the online Baccarat game. In this increasingly developing and modern era, playing Baccarat Online has become easier by using an android gadget or smartphone.


Guide to How to Win Playing Online Slot Gambling

With the development of technology, slot gambling games have also developed with the times to become the Trusted Online Slot Gambling that can be played via smartphones, be it Android or IOS.

This time we will give a few tips on How to Play Online Slot Gambling which is very popular with mini game lovers, because of the attractive image form and also this game is very easy to play, both from young and old.

Slot gambling games have been around for a long time and are known throughout the world and Starbet99 offers a large selection of slot machines that can be played online, which makes it easy for players to be able to play anywhere and anytime without having to play in a live casino. Because Slot Gambling has different types of games and has a unique way to win it.

In accordance with the rules that exist in each slot machine, players can win this game easily during the time period and the average win will return to players up to 90% of the initial chips brought. Here are some easy ways to play slots at Starbet99.

Tips on How to Play Slots Easily:

1. Before starting the game, players can determine the number of bets / bets they want to play per round by clicking on the plus (+) / bet up button (increase the bet) or minus (-) / bet down button to decrease the situs judi poker amount of the bet value, as well as the player You can also adjust the number of lines you want to play by clicking the line up or line down button in the game.

2. After we place a bet, to start playing slots, players usually click the spin button. The slot machine will then play for a few seconds and will finally stop at the position according to the existing server, namely the Java application. After all rounds stop, a winning combination will appear.

3. If your combination is declared WIN then the total value of the daftar sbobet online who won in a single game will be displayed. After the game per round ends and the player wins, then this value will be added automatically to the player’s balance/credit.

4. To start the next round, if the spin button is clicked, the number of wins in the next round will also be reset automatically by the system to zero. If you don’t win, the number of wins will remain zero.

5. By pressing the gamble button when you won the game, it means that you are ready to play the bonus game by doubling the amount of the bet you just won in that one round.

6. To return to the home page in How to Play Online Slot Gambling, you can easily press the lobby button on the game. If you have put the chip into the slot machine before you select the lobby button, then the balance will be returned to the player and this condition will not enter the player’s history until they enter another game.

Above we have explained how to play online slot gambling and hopefully the tips we provide can make online slot players expert and get maximum wins.


Tips for Choosing a Trusted Online Gambling Site Agent

Currently there are many Indonesian online gambling agents who offer their sites to bet on soccer, slot, and live casino gambling games. The number of online gambling game enthusiasts which is increasing day by day makes the number of online gambling agent sites and online bookies scattered on the internet.

However, from the large number of real money online gambling agents that you can easily find on the internet, it does not guarantee that all online gambling agents you find can be trusted. Because there could be fraudulent gambling agent sites hidden among trusted online gambling agent sites on behalf of trusted online gambling sites as in general.
How to Choose a Trusted Site Agent
1. Attractive website appearance. A
trusted online bookie or gambling agent will design the appearance of the website as well and as attractively as daftar rfbet99 possible. Because gambling agents want to give the best in everything to each member, including in terms of an attractive website appearance.

2. Providing complete menu features and information
Apart from a good appearance, trusted online gambling agents will also display complete features and information. This is to make it easier for members to get the information they are looking for.

3. Complete live chat and telephone contact services are available
Real money online casino agent sites will also provide various telephone contacts that members can contact. Besides that, online gambling agents will also usually provide customer service who is always online for 24 hours every day which you can contact via live chat.

4. Giving bonuses that are definitely not just promises
Given the intense competition between fellow online bookies, there are so many online gambling agents that offer various bonuses that can be obtained by every bandar bola terpercaya who joins. However, what must be remembered is to choose a soccer gambling site that provides a reasonable bonus offer, not just promises.


Guide How to Play Baccarat Online For Beginners

Baccarat is a game that is quite easy to play because this game does not have a special strategy. However, if you are serious about this game, the game of baccarat can provide additional income.

Baccarat from the beginning became one of the games for the nobles because the betting value of this game was quite large so that it became a tantalizing attraction for everyone.

The online baccarat game is the fairest and most popular game until now, why? Because this game is served live (directly) with a female dealer (card dealer) who will accompany you while playing.

This game has been around for a long time and is very popular with its audience, even though the players are far from land casinos.

Guide to Playing Baccarat Online For Beginners

Playing live online baccarat situs judi online with playing live at a casino is actually not much different. Before playing online baccarat, there are the following terms that you need to know first so you don’t get confused later.

1. Dealer: The person in charge of distributing cards and usually a woman

2. Deck: 1 card deck containing 52 cards, usually at the baccarat table there is a box containing 8 decks of cards at random

3. Chips: Generally in the form of coins made of plastic with different situs judi bola online -different. This is the balance for betting.

4. Player : Bet for Player if the card is bigger than Banker

5. Banker :Bet for the Banker if the card is bigger than Player

6. Tie: Usually we know it as a Series or the value of the card is the same between the Player and Banker cards.

7. Player Pair: Bet for the Player if the cards that come out are a pair and have the same value or twins (pair)

8. Banker Pair: Bet for the Banker if the cards that come out are a pair and have the same value or twins (pair)

9. Fortune Six: Bet on the Banker with a card value of 6.


Guide How to Play Roulette Online For Beginners

Roulette gambling is the easiest machine gambling ever made, although roulette gambling is considered easy, but for beginners who just want to try it will definitely find it difficult to play. In playing roulette, players are required to guess one number out of dozens of numbers on the roulette machine.

This type of casino roulette game is one of the most famous and very popular games. This game uses a small ball, a spinning wheel board consisting of 37 parts of which 37 parts are filled with numbers 0 to 36. Players can also place bets on even or odd sides, for more clarity and completeness, see the image below

How to play roulette and win payouts:
Straight Up – Placing on any single number (including zero). Includes 1 number.

Split Bet – Placing on the line between two numbers (including zero). Includes 2 numbers.

Street Bet – Placing at the end of each number line. Street Bet includes 3 numbers.

Corner Bet – Places on the corner where four numbers meet. Includes 4 numbers.

Line Bet – Placing at the end of two lines at the intersection. Includes all numbers in both rows a total of 6 numbers.

Column Bet – Placing in one of the boxes marked ‘2 to 1’ at the end of the column includes all numbers in that column, including 12 numbers. (This zero is not included).

Dozen Bet – Installing in agen bola terbesar any of the three boxes marked ‘1 st 12’, ‘2 nd 12’, or ‘3 rd 12’ includes 12 numbers.

Red/Black – Choose either black or red from the game results slot depo via pulsa  18 numbers.

Even/Odd – Choose an odd or even number including 18 numbers

Winning Payout Value
1 Number 35 X pair
2 Number 17 X pair
3 Number 11 X pair
4 Number 8 X pair
6 Number 5 X pair
12 Number 2 X pair
18 Number 1 X pair

1. Before starting the game, look for a table or tables that have slightly free rules and always try to place bets on one of the outside sides. The outer side is even or odd, red or black, top or bottom, column or tens. Usually players will have a little difficulty when they have to determine betting pairs quickly, by doing this it will really help you in the game of roulette.

2. Always try to pay attention to the game of roulette before placing a bet on the table, because the previous game can help you predict correctly to place a bet on the next round of the game. If you meet a series of red, then the next round you must also commit to placing a bet on red. This method is usually used by every player.

3. This method is also very important, namely by increasing practice by playing free or no deposit roulette games to hone your skills so that when you play with real money.

4. Make a strategy when you have already won a big win from the game of roulette, try to do your capital withdrawal first. if you want to continue the game use the money from the winnings to continue the game.

5. Always check the history on the table you want to play. If you are sure about the table, please continue playing with concentration and remember you are playing not to win a lot but to find fun or entertainment.

6. Always play at European roulette type tables only. because most novice players don’t know American roulette, there is a column of 00 numbers so that you get stuck in the game and experience a lot of losses.

7. If you play roulette online on the internet, you must always pay attention to whether the game account provider can be trusted or not. We suggest it is better to play online roulette games through the Mukacasino site because the quality of all the games has proven to be good.

8. If you play at the original casino table before the round begins, first check the slope of the roulette table you want to play. in this case, it has received a lot of recognition from several players that the slope is able to make even numbers appear more often than odd numbers or vice versa, this factor sometimes will also make players lose.

Thus the explanation and guide on how to play online roulette for beginners. Always remember what you have read from this article so you don’t lose and become more expert in playing online roulette.


Guide How to Play Sicbo Online

Sicbo game or often known as ta siau/koprok. commonly called dice gambling with a systematic big / small and odd / even game, this game has been around for a long time in Indonesia.

Sicbo in general is a type of game at a live casino that uses 3 dice as a game tool that is shuffled together and where players must guess the total number of 3 dice numbers that come out and produce a large, small or odd, even final value.

Before you start this complete guide on how to play sicbo online, it’s a good idea to look at a trusted online live casino site guide to get an ID at Mukacasino and register yourself by filling out a very easy registration form, or you can come directly to livechat and will be guided by customer service is ready to serve you 24 hours.

Bet Types and Sicbo Online Game Rules
1. The total of the three dice that comes out 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 means this is a SMALL number.

2. The total of the three dice that comes out 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17 means this is a BIG number.

3. For example, if the dice are shuffled, the numbers 5+2+6 = 13 (BIG), if the dice are shuffled 2+3+4 = 9 (Small).

As explained above, the chance of winning from a player in the Sic Bo game is 50%: 50%. Winning

players will also be paid 1 to 1, for SMALL bets will win if the dice are 4 to 10, as well as BIG bets will win if the dice total 11 to 17. Players will lose if the total value is 3 (111) or 11 to 17. When installing a daftar fastbet99 pair in the SMALL/SMALL column
Likewise, if the total value is 18 (666) or 4 to 10 when placing a pair in the BIG/BIG column, it is considered a loss.

– Triplets (Triple).

Choose 1 number of triplets that will appear on all three dice. situs judi slot promosi
e.g. (111, 222, 333, 444, 555, 666)
Payout 150 X pairs.

– Twins (Double).

Choose 1 number of doubles that will appear on all three dice.
eg (11, 22, 33, 44, 55, 66)
Payout 8 X pairs.

– Total three dice (Single).

Choose any number that will come out with the same number on all three dice.
Payout 24 X pairs.

– Combination of two dice (double).

Choose 2 dice numbers that will come out of the three dice.
Payout 5 X pairs.

Choose 1 number of dice numbers that will come out of the three dice.
Payout :
Match 1 dice : 1 X pair.
Match 2 dice numbers: 2 X pairs.
Match 3 dice numbers : 3 X pairs.

– BIG / BIG The

sum of the three dice is the number 11 to 17. Triple dice are not big.
Payout 1 X pair.


sum of the three dice is the number 4 to 10. Triple dice are not small.
Payout 1 x pair.

Payment of Winning Playing Sicbo
The number of results that come out of the 3 dice that is shaken is between 4-17

numbers 4 or 17 : Payout 50 X pairs.
number 5 or 16 : Payout 18 X pairs.
number 6 or 15 : Payout 14 X pairs.
number 7 or 14 : Payout 12 X pairs.
number 8 or 13 : Payout 8 X pairs.
number 9 or 12 : Payout 6 X pairs.
number 10 or 11 : Payout 6 X pairs.

All payout ratios depend on the provider of the online sicbo game . The explanation above is the payout ratio in general. That’s all of our information about a complete guide on how to play Sicbo online, hopefully this information is useful for you.


How to play online soccer betting for beginners

Football betting is the most popular type of game today, especially with so many tournaments such as: European big league, champions league, world cup, European cup and many more.

In addition, to be able to play the best and most complete online soccer betting, you can find it at the Sbobet provider, of course you are very familiar with this one provider, right?

Sbobet is the largest online soccer gambling provider in Asia, in this provider you can place bets from various sports including: Football, basketball, badminton, tennis and others.

To be able to play the best online soccer gambling in the Sbobet provider, of course you must have an official game account that can be obtained very easily and quickly through an official agent.

In online soccer betting, there are various types of bets that can be played, therefore you must understand how to play the correct online soccer bet first, so that it is easier to play and there are no mistakes when making bets.
Explanation of How to Play Online Football Betting
Basically, in Sbobet online soccer betting, there are several terms that you need to know, such as the following:
Full Time (FT) = Full time in a match.
Half Time (HT) = First half or half time.
Odds = Commonly referred to as Kei which functions as a team measuring tool in a judi casino online terpercaya market.
Odds in online soccer gambling also have 2 types, namely odds which have a -(minus) symbol and also do not have a minus.

An example of the calculation is:

– Arsenal VS Liverpool (-1.30), the bet amount is Rp. 200,000.
If you place a bet on Arsenal and lose then the loss you get is 1.30 X 200,000 = Rp. 260,000, but if Arsenal win then you will get a winning fee of Rp. 200,000.

– Chelsea VS As Roma (1.30), the bet amount is Rp. 200,000.
If you place a bet on Chelsea and win then the payment you will receive is 1.30 X 200,000 = Rp. 260,000, if you lose then judi bola sbobet the loss that will be obtained is Rp. 200,000.

After knowing some common terms in online soccer betting at Sbobet along with the understanding of odds, now we will start explaining the various types of soccer bets that you can play, including:


Handicap is one of the most preferred types of bets by football gamblers, for how to play online soccer betting this handicap is based on voor-vooran as explained below:

Voor means the team that gives more value to the opponent before the match starts, usually the team that gives the voor is the team that really has the advantage in the match.

The following is the calculation of voor in the ball handicap:

– Voor 0

A condition where no team gives a voor, usually occurs when the competing team is equally seeded in the match, for the calculation is judged by which team comes out as the winner in the match.

– Voor 0-0.5 (1/4)

Liverpool VS Everton (place a bet on Liverpool)
If Liverpool win in the match then you are declared to have won in full, but if the result is a draw or draw it will be counted as losing half and if Liverpool loses then the result is a full loss.

– Voor 0.5 (1/2)

Manchester United VS Newcastle United (place a bet on Manchester United)
If Manchester United comes out as the winner in the match it will be declared a full win, but if the result of the match Manchester United loses or draws, it means you lose in full.

– Voor 0.5-1 (3/4)

Valencia VS Celta Vigo (place a bet on Valencia)
If the result of the Valencia match wins by 2 goals then you are declared a full win, if the match result is 2-1 it will be declared a half loss and if you draw or draw, you lose in full in the bet

– Voor 1

Chelsea VS Sunderland (place a bet on Chelsea)
You win in full if the result is Chelsea won 2-0, but if the result is 2-1 then you will be declared a draw and if the final result is 2-2, bets will be declared full lose.

Bet 1 X 2

One of the easiest types of bets to understand and learn, in this bet you only need to guess the final result of the match either in the first half or in full, whether the result of the match is the home team wins, draws or the away team wins.
1 = Home Team
X = Draw Or Draw
2 = Away Team
Over/Under Bet

A type of bet that requires the player to guess the result of the match, either the first half or the full half, whether the number of goals will be worth more (over) or not exceed (under).

Example: Barcelona VS Real Madrid (Over 2.29)

You are declared a winner if the number of goals in the match is 3 goals or more.
However, if the result of the match is 2 then it will be declared a draw.
If the number of goals in the match is not more than 2 goals then you lose.

Odd/Even Bet

How to play Odd / Even online soccer betting is to guess the number of goals in 1 ongoing match whether it will be odd (Odd) or even (Even).
Odd: 1, 3, 5, 7.
Even : 2, 4, 6, 8.
Outright Bet

The type of bet that has a high winning payout, why is that? because in this bet you have to guess which team will be the champion in an ongoing league or tournament.

Correct Score Bet

For this type of bet, players must guess the final score of 1 ongoing match, it can be for the first half (HT) only or the full round (FT).

Mix Parlay Bet

Is the type of bet that is most favored by lovers of online soccer gambling, where here you can place bets on 3 teams in 1 direct package, for calculations in this mix parlay are:
If the team wins in full, the odds are fixed
If the losing team is half, the odds will be 0.5.
If the winning team is half, the odds will be 1/2.
However, if only 1 team loses, then all bets are declared lost.
If there is a draw, the odds will not be calculated.
Combo Mix Parlay Bet

Not much different from the mix parlay, in this mix parlay combo bet you can place bets on 3 teams with 3 different bets in 1 package, the odds calculation is also the same as the mix parlay.

All the explanations above are ways to play online soccer betting and also the types of bets that you must understand before starting to play, hopefully all the discussion here can be easily understood by you so that you can immediately play online soccer betting well and get big profits through online soccer betting.


The History of the Origin of the Game of Roulette

Roulette itself is a casino game that comes from the French word which means Small Wheel. In the game of roulette, players will place bets for 1 number or many numbers or other types of bets. In this game the wheel will be rotated and the ball is thrown in to find out the winning numbers and numbers. When the ball has settled in 1 number, then the number and color that remains will be the decisive victory.

The game of roulette is believed to have been first discovered in France in the 18th century. Even historians agree that the inventor of this game was Blaise Pascal, and it is also believed that he also made the rules of this very luxurious game. The discovery of the game of roulette is also an accident, because this game was discovered when Blaise Pascal conducted research in 1720. The

game of Roulette was first played since 1796 in Paris by royalty at that time. This game was also briefly included in the novel La Roulette, ou le jour by someone named Jacques Lablee. The novel tells of a roulette wheel located at the Palais Royal Paris in 1796. The

value of the digits is 0 .

The number zero in the game of roulette is also included in the history of the development of the game of roulette. The first people to add zero to the game of roulette were Francoise and Louis Blanc, who is the younger brother of Blaise Pascal. Initially the roulette game only had 36 numbers from 1 – 36. The

goal in adding zeros is to reduce the percentage of losses from the bank. This change received a positive response, because players actually thought this idea made roulette even more luxurious and interesting to play.

Initially, the game of roulette was daftar starbet99 only played by nobles, because this game requires a very large capital. Because of this, the game of roulette is considered the most luxurious and classy game of its time.

Even this is still ongoing today, this can be proven by the many casinos that provide roulette tables with luxurious designs.
Features In Roulette Game
Currently there are 2 types of roulette offered by casinos, namely Traditional Roulette and American Roulette. The daftar agen bola terbaik between the two roulettes is the zero on the roulette wheel. Traditional Roulette only uses 1 zero while American Roulette uses 2 zeros on the roulette wheel.

Currently there are 2 types of roulette offered by casinos, namely Traditional Roulette and American Roulette. The difference between the two roulettes is the zero on the roulette wheel. Traditional Roulette only uses 1 zero while American Roulette uses 2 zeros on the roulette wheel.

– Wheel With 1 zero:
0- 32- 15- 19- 4- 21- 2- 25- 17- 34- 6- 27- 13- 63- 11- 30- 8- 23- 10- 5- 24- 16- 33- 1- 20- 14- 31- 9- 22- 18- 29- 7- 28- 12- 35- 3- 26.

– Wheel with 2 digits 0 :
0- 28- 9- 26- 30- 11- 7- 20- 32- 17- 5- 22- 34- 15- 3- 24- 36- 13- 1- 00- 27- 10- 25- 29- 12- 8- 19- 31- 18- 6- 21- 33- 16- 4- 23- 35- 14- 2.
Types of Roulette Betting Games
Straight or Single – is a type of bet that only covers 1 number. You will get a win when the ball stops at the number you have installed. For straight / single winning bet types will be paid 1: 36

Split – This is a bet type that includes 2 numbers. You will get a win when the ball stops at the number that is included in the bet you made. As for the split bet type, the winnings will be paid 1: 18.

Street – Is a type of bet that includes 3 numbers, you will win the bet if the ball you place stops in your bet number. As for the street bet type, the winnings will be paid 1 : 12

Corner or Square – This is a type of bet whose sum includes 4 numbers. You will get a win when the ball stops at the number you put. Whereas for corner or square type wins will be paid 1 : 9

Six Line or Double Street – This is a type of bet that covers 6 numbers at once. You will get a win when your bet ball stops at the number you placed. As for the win of the six line or double street type, the payout is 1: 6

Dozen – Is a bet type that includes 12 numbers which are divided into 3. The first part is 1 – 12, the second part is 13 – 24 and the last part is 25 – 36. You will get a win when your bet ball stops on the number you placed. Meanwhile, Dozen type wins will be paid 1: 3, but you will be considered lost when the ball stops at zero.

12 Line Bet – This is a bet type that includes 12 numbers in 1 line. The 12 Line Beat bet type also has 3 options such as the Dozen type and has the same amount of winnings as well. As for the type 12 Line Bet win, the payout will be 1: 3

Big or Small – In the game of roulette there is also a big small bet. For Small numbers, namely from numbers 1 to 18, while Big numbers are from numbers 19 – 36. You will get a win when the ball stops in the numbers included in your betting partner number. As for the Big or Small type wins of 1: 2, but you will be considered lost when the ball stops at zero.

Red Black – This is a bet by choosing red or black. Victory is determined by the way the ball stops in the color you paired, then you are considered to have won. However, if the ball stops at zero, you are considered to have lost the bet. As for the red black type, you will be paid 1:2.

Odd or Even – This betting method is to place a ball that stops at an odd or even number. When you put on an odd number and the ball stops at an odd number, you win. But when the ball stops at 0 then you will be considered lost. For odd or even bet types you will be paid 1: 2

That’s an explanation of the history and origin of the game of roulette . Hopefully it can add to your knowledge about the origin of the Roulette game.


Types of Indonesian Online Game Slot Providers

Online slot games are online betting games that are very popular with online gambling connoisseurs, especially in Indonesia. Slot games can be really enjoyed because they have a relatively small betting capital but have the potential to get big profits.

This game has a win in the form of a jackpot where this jackpot can double the number of bets placed so that the profits obtained will be very large.
The Best Online Slot Game Provider in Indonesia
1. Pragmatic Play
Pragmatic is a slot game provider that is famous for its easy-to-win games because so many have managed to get a lot of wins from playing slots at this provider. The games on Pragmatic are Money Mouse, Aztec Gems, Joker’s Jewels and many other games that have been proven to give players big jackpots.

2. CQ9 Slot
CQ9 is a new provider that has attracted a lot of attention from slot players in particular. The games provided by this provider have unique themes and concepts such as Gu Gu Gu 3, 6 Toros, Oneshot Fishing, Paradise link alternatif starbet99 and many other interesting games that you can enjoy. CQ9 is also famous for its fish shooting game which is very fun to play.

3. Spadegaming
Spadegaming is a slot game developer that is very well known among slot gambling connoisseurs. This provider has very good game quality such as Fishing War, Zeus, First Love, Gold Panther, Cai Shen 888, Lucky koi and many other games that you can enjoy. Slot games released by this provider have very often become popular games that are in great demand by online slot gambling lovers.

4. Habanero
If you are looking for a game with excellent graphics and animation, then Habanero is the answer. Slot games such as Naughty Santa, Hot Hot Halloween, Colossal Gems, Nuwa, Mount Mazuma and others are popular games that are enjoyed by many slot gambling slot deposit via pulsa.

5. Top Trend Gaming (TTG)
Top Trend Gaming Providers or often called TTG slots are providers that have long provided a variety of slot games with the best quality ever. Such as Mad Monkey, Dolphin Gold, Kung Fu Showdown, Battle Heroes and many other games that can be enjoyed from this provider.


History of Indonesian Sicbo Online Game

Sicbo which literally means that this precious dice is a traditional game originating from China. Besides being known as Dai Siu (big or small) in Asia, this game is also known in England as Grand Hazard. At first, this game was only played by the nobility as entertainment when they were relaxing.

Only in Indonesia, games that use dice are very diverse. Several types of games that use dice as a tool for the game, such as: snake ladder, kopyorice, monopoly, and others. But this time it’s not a dice game like that that we will discuss, what we will discuss is a set of 3 dice and a container with a transparent color in the shape of a cone. What is this sicbo? Let’s look at the explanation below.

The origin of the sicbo game is not clear where it came from, but this game was originally a game of the Chinese nobles when they were relaxed. The game was brought to England by Chinese immigrants. However, this game does not have to be played and is included in illegal gambling games. It took until 2002 before the game was licensed by a British casino under the name Grand Hazard.

In the United States, the game is played in residential areas of Chinese immigrants around railroads. The Sicbo game agen judi nova88 was approved and got new names like big or small, dice, etc. Among these names, this game is more popular in the United States under the name Chuck A Luck.

Macau is the largest gambling city in the world. In 1937, the Macau government, which had an exclusive monopoly on all gaming practices, granted a license to game slot online terbaik Tai Heng. At that time they were given a license to operate the game. In 1960, the Macao government made an offer to determine the company that could be responsible for gambling activities in Macau after the Companhia Tai Heng.

Stanley Ho and his company STDM won the tender. Over the next 10 years, Stanley Ho built a hotel and casino called Lisbon. At Lisbon casino you can play all Asian casino games, including sicbo games.
Types of Bet On Sicbo Game:
Betting on Big Numbers (11–17) / Small Numbers (4–10)
Even Numbers (4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14 and 16) / Odd Numbers (5, 7, 9, 11, 13, 15 and 17)
Bet a total of 3 dice (4–17)
Individual Bet
Double Bet
Triple Bet
That’s an article about the History of the Sicbo Game. Hopefully the contents of this article can provide a broader insight for you in the Sicbo game.


Guide to Playing BlackJack for Beginners

Blackjack is a game that is usually played by 2 to 7 people at 1 table. Each player will play against the dealer, so you don’t have to pay attention to other players’ cards anymore. At the beginning of the game the dealer will deal 2 cards for the player and 2 cards for him. Generally one of the cards belonging to the player and also the dealer will be open (face up).

This game which is also played with playing cards is quite unique when compared to other casino games. The main goal in blackjack is to get cards up to 21. Unlike other games, in blackjack you only need to compare your cards with the dealer’s.
Blackjack Game Rules
If the player has a card with a value exceeding 21 then the player is considered lost, even though the dealer’s card also exceeds the value 21. Then if the card the player has for example is only worth 20 and the dealer’s card is 17 then the player is considered to have won. Because the value of the player’s card is closer to the number 21 than the dealer’s card.
Card Value in Blackjack Permainan
The next blackjack rule that you must know is the value of the card. As stated above, the player card value cannot exceed 21. So if you don’t know how to calculate the card value, it will be difficult to play blackjack. In short, the judi online value on the blackjack card is the same as the value listed on the card.

So 5 spades is worth 5, 7 hearts are worth 7 and 10 daftar agen bola terpercayaare worth 10. Then for jacks, queens and also kings will also have the same value, namely 10. As for the ace card has 2 values, namely 1 or 11. The holder of the ace card can determine the value of the card is either 1 or 11 depending on the conditions. To make it easier, please look at the following picture:

This is the reason why Blackjack is often depicted by aces as well as Jacks. Because the two cards will immediately be worth 21 and the player who has the card wins immediately. If at the beginning of the game you immediately get a blackjack (a combination of As + 10) then you will get a payout of 1.5x. For example if you bet 500,000 and get a blackjack right away you win 750,000.
How to Play Blackjack
1. Hit

Hit selection means we take 1 more card. Usually the hit is done when the 2 cards we have are still far from 21. Of course, by adding cards we hope to approach or even the value of our cards to 21. But consider carefully before hitting because if the card passes 21 then you are immediately considered lost.

2. Stand

Then stand is when you are sure of the card and don’t want to add another card. If according to the estimated value of the card is enough to beat the dealer then please stand. By doing a stand, your card will be directly competed with the dealer’s card.

3. Double Down

A double down condition where you double your bet from the amount previously placed. However, after doubling the bet you are required to take another card and may not take another card in the future. But before doing a double down, first know the rules where you play. Because there are some casinos that do not allow double down if the first 2 cards received by the player are worth 10 or 11.

Once you know the rules and are sure of your card, you can double down. To do this double down is also quite easy, you just put an additional chip next to your previous bet chip.

4. Split

For the next bet option is a split, where you can divide the card into 2 different parts with your own bet. Keep in mind that not all cards can be used for splits, only twin cards can. Examples of twin cards such as 1 with 1, jack with jack, 5 with 5, basically cards with the same value.

5. Insurance / Insurance

Followed by the choice of Insurance or insurance. In each game, each player and dealer will get 2 cards, 1 dealer card will be in an open position. If the exposed card is an ace then you have the right to buy insurance for half of the bet amount.

If it turns out that the second card from the dealer is worth 10 (10, J, Q, K) which means blackjack then you will get 2x the insurance fee. But if the second card from the dealer is worth 1 to 9 then your insurance is forfeited and the game continues as usual.

6. Surrender / Surrender

The last option you can choose in how to play blackjack is surrender. Surrender is an option you can take to reduce losses. If the card is judged to have no chance of winning again, then you should give up.

If you choose to give up, you will only lose half of the bet value. But you can’t always surrender, because there are certain conditions that allow you to do it. For example, if the dealer has cards 9 to Ace and you have cards 5 to 7 or 12 to 16. Apart from that, you cannot use the surrender option.


Types of Trusted Online Casino Gambling Games

Online casino games are games that contain elements of betting using advanced technology such as smartphones, tablets, and computers. However, online casino games are more synonymous with direct betting or also known as Live Casino, where gamblers can enjoy casino games anywhere and expect luck to be on their side.

Doing casino gambling online can be said to be more profitable than being present at a casino house which can take time and long trips only to spend a certain amount of money to be able to play and bet on casino gambling.

There are a number of types of online casino games that gamblers can play without having to travel abroad and waste time. What are the types of online casino games? the following types of online casino games:


Now the type of Baccarat game can not only be played in gambling places (casinos), but can also be played online which of course makes it more possible for gamblers to play and bet anytime and anywhere. just. The type of online casino game Baccarat has also been in demand for a long agen bola terbesar, and until now it still exists among gamblers.

A little explanation, Baccarat is a playing card game where the player and the dealer (banker) will pit cards against each other, namely cards that are close to number 9. The Baccarat game is actually very simple and simple, therefore this type of Baccarat game is very appropriate for a beginner gambler.


This Blackjack game has been around for a long time and is growing rapidly over time in various casino places in the world. This game is also said to be simple and simple because we only need a card equal to the number 21 or close to that number, but if we pass that number we will be declared defeated.


Roulette is one of the most popular online casino games from the past until now. By using a spinning machine such as a wheel containing the object of a ‘ball’, the player places a number of bets on each number and after that the dealer will start spinning the machine.

If you have placed a bet on the right and targeted number, then you are declared the winner. For example, you place a bet on number 1 and the ‘ball’ results from the dealer’s round is right on that number, you will get paid according to the bet, and vice versa you will be declared lost if the number you put is not fixed.


Sicbo is a type of online casino game that uses 3 dice and places a number of bets, players can determine the choice of large or small dice that will be shaken by the dealer. It’s the same with other types of online casino games, for example Roulette which also requires the instinct and luck of the players to beat the dealer.


Almost the same as other types of online casino games, Dragon Tiger is also one of the most popular types of online casino games that have existed since time immemorial and has grown rapidly in the world of gambling. Odd/Even and 50:50 odds (luck) are the similarities found between Sicbo and Dragon Tiger types of games.


Poker is one of the most popular casino games in gambling places both live/online. Coming in many different versions such as texas holdem and omaha poker, this type of poker game is certainly very interested poker deposit pulsa in gambling fans. Getting the highest card value/number among every other player is the key to victory in this online casino game.


Maybe you are also familiar with this type of game, right? DOMINO is a classic casino game that has existed for a long time and is still one of the gambling games that can be played online. Apart from that, this type of casino game has become popular among gamblers in the world.


How to Register a Trusted Online Gambling Account

If you are not registered as a member at an online gambling agent, then the first thing you have to do is carry out the registration process. To register, there are several things you must do.

But before that, you have to look for a trusted online gambling site. Because now there are many fake online gambling agents who are irresponsible, so before you register, it’s a good idea to check and make sure the site is really trusted.

1. Choose an Online Gambling Site.

First, choose one of the recommended online gambling sites. If you have made your choice which site to choose, then you go to the site link to register.

On the site you will find a list menu or register. Just click on the menu and a registration field will appear that you must fill in. After everything is filled in correctly, immediately verify your data to customer service to get an ID.

2. Enter ID

If you have confirmed your data to customer service, and have managed to get an ID or account. Then you can use that ID to log in to the game.

Without an ID, of course you judi poker online will never be able to place a bet on the online gambling game you want. The 1 ID you have can be used to play in all gambling games available on the online gambling site where you register.

If some of you are still confused about how to register a trusted online gambling account as we explained above, maybe you should immediately visit the online gambling site you want and follow the way to register as situs agen bola.

So what are you waiting for, immediately prepare your gadget now for registration and click the image below.


Easy Tips to Win Playing Indonesian Online Slots

Online slot games are slot machine games that can guarantee big wins to lucky players. No half-hearted, the wins you can get from slot games can reach thousands of times the capital you put up. Only with a capital of 1,000 rupiah you have the opportunity to get a profit of up to 8 million rupiah and even more.

The very large winning value makes online slot games the top choice for bettors to make profits in a short time. Of course, getting these benefits is not easy, but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible to get.
Choosing the Best Slot Game Site
To play online slots with a high possibility of winning, a site has an important role to be able to determine your victory or defeat. Don’t get me wrong first, the role of slot game sites is not because the site can set your victory or defeat, but stability in playing slot games. With a stable slot game game and a smooth connection, you have a greater chance of winning.
How to Win Playing Online Slots
There are several easy ways that you can use to improve online slot games. Some of these easy tips have been tested and have proven to be effective. Here’s an easy way:

1. Be patient

Patience is the main key to winning online slot games, because online slots are games that 100% dadu online rely on luck, not skill.

2. Bet

Value The bet value also affects your chances of winning in playing slot games. Based on my personal experience, you should situs sbobet not place a large bet value in playing because it will be a little more difficult to get a jackpot with a large bet value.

3. Choose a Slot That Has a Jackpot

This is also no less important, choose a slot game that has a jackpot value round because the jackpot is the highest win you can get in playing slot games.

Those are the tips that I can share with you, so that you can increase your chances of winning in playing online slot games. The next important thing is that you try your own luck in these online slot games.


Guide to Playing Dragon Tiger for Beginners

Game Dragon Tiger is a type of game that is relatively easy to understand but difficult to master. This time we will discuss a guide on how to play dragon tiger for beginners. Because this game is really popular, especially in Asian countries.
Understanding Dragon Tiger Online Game
Actually the game dragon tiger is quite similar to the game baccarat. But the game tiger is packaged more differently and easier for players to understand. Because it has a way of playing that is quite similar to the game of baccarat, situs slot online game table also has a fairly similar appearance.

The main difference between this game and baccarat is that in this game, dragon tiger, each party only gets 1 card and there is no kicker card or third card like in baccarat.

In addition, the betting options in the Dragon Tiger game are also more diverse, such as Dragon Odd/Even, Dragon Red/Black, Tiger Odd/Even and Tiger Red/Black.
Dragon Tiger Game Bet Type
1. Players must place their bets and there are 3 choices namely Dragon or Tiger or TIE.

2. Banker will deal one card to Dragon & Tiger.

3. To determine each winner, the Dragon or Tiger with the highest score is chosen, then that will be the winner.

If Dragon & Tiger have the same daftar markasjudi value, then the game is TIE or BALANCE (doesn’t depend on flower/motif) card.

Highest Card K (King) & Lowest Card A (US).
Example : K, Q, J, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, A

Pay to Win (Dragon or Tiger) = 1 : 1
Example : Place 100k to win 100k. No commission deducted by the dealer.

Pay for Tie/series = 1 : 10
Example: Post 100 k to win 1 million.
Tips for Playing Dragon Tiger Online
Because in Dragon or Tiger games there are often consecutive wins, then observe the cards that come out. If the card that comes out is Dragon then continue to bet on Dragon and vice versa. But if when you observe the winning cards change frequently or there are no winning streaks, then wait for the right moment to bet.

If you have bet on Dragon and Dragon has won 5 to 6 times in a row then it’s time to play more carefully. At this point we suggest you to change your bet to tiger or you can skip the bet if you are not sure and wait for the next winning streak.

Know your inner limits when playing gambling, don’t get too carried away in the game. Better to gain a little than to lose a lot. Because this game is a game that really depends on your luck.


The History of Trusted Online Slot Gambling Games

The first time slot machines were created and introduced by someone named Charles Fey while in San Francisco, United States of America in 1895.

Charles had made the first slot machine by utilizing 3 iron mold rolls accompanied by several symbol images. Card symbols that are commonly played and of course have been recognized by the wider community. The symbols in the first slot image are Hearts, Diamonds, and Spades. Until now you must have heard of slot games because slot games are certainly familiar to us to hear.

In the 1970s, slot machine games were so popular that they became a boom at that time, thus making several casinos at that time decided to make slot machine games on a large scale.

But with the advent of technology called the internet at this time, slot machine lovers prefer to play online slots because they have flexible times and places and are very easy to play too without having to come to casinos abroad which drain your time and money.
The Early History of Online Slot Games
In the digital era, it is known that the emergence of the internet in the mid 90’s has brought many developments to the world of gambling where online casinos have been present for the first time. Initially in online gambling games available were only a few classic casino games such as blackjack and roulette games, then not long after situs judi slot  began developments in the digital era so that online slot games came in.

This Online Slots Game game quickly rose in rank in online gambling games, online slot games also outperformed the others agen nova88 until in the end they tried to develop several other types of slots and of course in large numbers.

At first the style of the online slot game game was exactly the same as the original slot machine, with the roll button and several symbols that looked the same. As you know, in the digital era, computer programs will also continue to grow, eventually they began to do mass development with many types of slots with a choice of themes and displays that look attractive to the eyes of gamblers.

Currently, online slot games usually have around 5 rolls or there are even some slot games that have more than 5 rolls, of course including bonus rounds that can attract gamblers as well as other additional features.

The number of online slot game game developers has also increased dramatically every year. Because there are only a few manufacturers on slot machines, there are also hundreds of online slot developers who have been present.

Because there are so many companies that offer few offers in the choice of slot games, there are also several other large companies that have provided many game options from these online slot games.

So many articles about history to become an online game. Hopefully this article will make online slot game lovers understand more about the history of online slot games.


How to Win Playing Trusted Online Roulette

Online roulette game is one of the most popular online casino and live casino games which is still very popular and is one of the most popular real money online casino games.

The name of this roulette game comes from the French (roulette) which means “little wheel” that spins. In this game a dealer will spin the wheel in one direction and then throw a small ball in the opposite direction. On a spherical surface that is slightly tilted so that the ball revolves around a spinning wheel containing the numbers.

The ball will land on the surface of the wheel on a number from 0 to 37 (in European roulette) or 38 (in American roulette) on a square that has black or red numbers on the wheel.

Tricks to Win Playing Trusted Online Roulette

1. Playing with Small Bets

The first trick you can try to win in playing online roulette is playing with small bets. For players who are just starting to situs markasjudi play online roulette, it is highly recommended that you do not immediately place large bets, start with small bets to read the game and know your luck.

2. Double the bet

The second trick, double the online roulette bet when you feel lucky. Well, when players start small bets from the beginning and then at a certain time feel the need to double the bet because they feel confident, it’s okay to agen judi bola.

3. Trying to Keep the Number 0

The third trick is to try to keep the number 0 because it rarely appears so players can always place a bet at number 0. To maintain several rounds of the game, you can always place only in the column number 0.

4. The Finding the Right Betting Table

fourth trick is to find a betting table with a small minimum. Players must start with small bets first, so from the beginning of the game they must find a betting table with a small minimum. After you are sure you can double the bet amount.

Here are some of the latest tricks on how to win playing trusted online roulette that you can use as a guide. Hopefully this article can increase your luck in playing online roulette.


History of the Blackjack Online Gambling Game

Blackjack, known as gambling 21 (twenty one) is generally well-known in casino gambling places in a number of areas where gambling is legal. The name of the game is the same as the way the game is played, which requires players to get a total card value of 21.

This game has been famous all over the world, blackjack gambling lovers certainly know that there is an option where they can play online from a smartphone. So that it makes it easier for players to place bets in online blackjack gambling games.

Knowing how to play this card category gambling is not difficult, but you need to know that behind the success of this game there are a number of figures who have introduced this game. So that blackjack gambling fans can still enjoy this game until now.

Blackjack is a game that originates from France, the name of this gambling was first vingt-et-un which means 21 around the 18th century. A number of colonies brought this game into several countries, such as in America and Canada in the next century and popular in the 20th century.

As the years went by, the game changed its first name to blackjack, because America did not like the rules that were made because they were not profitable. By bola deposit pulsa the result to a bigger win when the player has a Jack or Ace card, the name is finally used today.

With the popularity of this game until it entered the Las Vegas casino, a mathematician called The Four Horseman wrote an article on the topic “optimal strategy in blackjack”. It doesn’t stop there, there is professor Edward Throp who is the developer of this game.

That’s because he earned the nickname “beat dealer” by beating the dealer from the instructions of these mathematicians. The big win agen nova88 spread quickly and continued to win, so the casino forbade Edward to play again.

Edward was found to have cheated while playing, but so far he has not been proven guilty. With all the victories that have been obtained, he is finally crowned as the god of gambling in this game.

Only with the use of sophisticated smartphone or computer technology with an internet network, gambling fans can play more easily. Without changing the playing system, players can feel authenticity like playing at a casino, so there is no need to come all the way to the casino to play blackjack gambling.

That’s an explanation of the history of the blackjack gambling game that we can explain. I hope this article can be useful for those of you who read it.


Tips to Win Playing Dragon Tiger Online

The dragon tiger game is one of the most popular casino games among gamblers around the world. Besides being very exciting and very interesting, this dragon tiger game also has a very simple way of playing.

For those of you who want to play dragon tiger, now you don’t need to spend big money to go to foreign casinos just to play dragon tiger.

Along with the development of technology that is very sophisticated and advanced, now you can play this game online or via your smartphone.

In order to play dragon tiger online, you must first be registered with an official online gambling agent that can be where you play dragon tiger. Look for a trusted online gambling site that can be the best choice for you.

Next, let’s go into the discussion of how to win playing dragon tiger along with playing guidelines so that it can make agen judi online it easier for you when playing and can get big profits through this casino game.

Just like casino games in general, bets in this dragon tiger game are also real money. This adds to the excitement of the game, of course, because when playing, of course, you really want to win and can achieve huge profits when playing.

All of these things are not easy to get if you don’t really understand the guide to playing this casino game correctly, let’s look at the explanation of how to win playing dragon tiger from us as below.

Actually this dragon tiger game is not much different from baccarat, in this casino game you have to judi online terbaik between 3 options, namely:

– Dragon
– Tie (draw)
– Tiger

how to play dragon tiger online is also very simple and almost the same as baccarat, if you install a bet on the dragon and the result is a tiger then you lose, but if you place a bet on a tie (draw) and the result is a tie then you win.

Very easy to understand right? for winning payouts in dragon tiger game:

– Dragon and tiger have 1:1 payouts
– Tie or draw has 1:10 payouts

Lowest to highest card arrangement in dragon tiger games:

A, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, J, Q, K.

The conclusion is that Ace is the lowest card and the highest card is K.

At the beginning of the game the dealer will put 1 card in the dragon and 1 card in the tiger, then the player must place a bet first. After the time for placing bets is up, the dealer will open the cards in the dragon and the cards in the tiger and the winner is taken from the number of cards that have the highest value.

Surely you think that the dragon tiger game is one type of game that relies heavily on luck. You could say it’s true, but there are also some powerful tricks that you can try to apply if you want to win playing this dragon tiger.
Tricks to Win Playing Dragon Tiger
In this content on how to win playing dragon tiger, we will explain some tips and tricks for playing dragon tiger in order to win continuously, we hope that all of our tricks here can help you win playing dragon tiger.

As in other casino games, in order to be able to place bets in the Dragon Tiger game when you play online, of course you have to prepare sufficient capital and also a smooth internet connection in order to play.

In addition, you also have to pay attention to the history of the previous game, so you can easily predict the results of the next dragon tiger pattern.

It’s a good idea not to place bets on ties or draws too often because these bets very rarely come out even though they have high payouts.

If you place a bet on the dragon and lose, it’s a good idea to try to double your bet in the second round on the dragon bet too, because luck is we can’t guess when it will come.

Play safely and carefully, what is meant here is to understand the game first and don’t be in a hurry to place bets so that all the capital you bring doesn’t go to waste.

That’s the discussion on how to win playing dragon tiger online easily from us, hopefully all the reviews above can be easily seen and understood well, so that you can achieve the victory and profit as you expect.