Secret Formula to Win Playing Roulette Online

Online Roulette or what is often called Roulette is a casino bet that you can now play live via desktop or mobile. The following gambling bets are very popular in all casinos, even all casinos in the world provide a roulette table in the main entrance lobby.

Gambling game originating from France has the meaning of the Little Wheel. To play roulette itself is quite easy, with pay odds from 1-36 times. If in a round you put a value of 100,000 then the winning money you get can reach 100,000 X 36 = 3,600,000 so the profit is huge.

Two Secret Formulas of Online Roulette

The Martingale formula is a formula that was found by researchers of online casino poker games to provide easier and bigger profits. In using a formula that will give a percentage up to 50:50, the essence of the method described below is to double the bet when you lose in the first round and return to the initial pattern using this formula when you get a win.

How to Run the Martingale Formula Rumus

We start the first bet with 50,000 credits and if we win at the beginning, we return to the early stages.

If you lose in the first round, install 100,000 credits in the second round.

If in the third round you lose again, then install 150,000 credits in the next round.

The key to casino games, of Live Casino Sbobet course, is that everything is run by machines, having a small chance of winning consecutively.

If you get a win in the third round, then go back to the early stages of the martingale formula.

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The total value of the winnings throughout this round is 100,000.

How to Run the Paroli Formula

The Paroli formula is a formula that has similarities with the first formula, but how to run it must be more patient. First, apply the value of the bet you want to place in the round. You can run all these bets with the paroli formula that has been researched in several casinos in the world.

We start the first bet with 200,000 credits and if we lose.

Put back 200,000 on the next spin.

If in this round you win, then your credit calculation is a draw.

Put up 400,000 credits in the next spin.

It is only recommended that 2x multiply the credits in this formula.

If you win this round, then go back through the initial stages.

We remind members to pay attention to when choosing an online roulette gambling agent in order to get comfort and security when placing bets.