The History of the Sicbo Gambling Game in the World and How to Play It

Hello guys, meet me again, if you hear the name of the Sicbo gambling game, you must be familiar with it. Maybe most of you only know how to play but don’t know the history of this Sicbo gambling game. It is precisely that on this occasion we will discuss how the history of the Sicbo gambling game originated so that this game is known throughout the world, including in Indonesia.

At first this sic bo game was played for the first time in China, which was precisely in ancient China. This sic bo game was once only played by kings and descendants of Chinese nobility. And at the beginning of the history of this sic bo gambling game, it was known as Dai Siu or Big and Small. Along with its development, this dice game was not only played by the royal family, but had begun to be introduced to the entire Chinese community. So that this game is very popular and becomes a very fun traditional game.

And over the times this game has been known throughout the world. For countries in Asia, this Sicbo game is popular in Macau because at that time Macau had the largest gambling place, Casino Live. And from that moment on, the Sicbo game has been included as one of the casino games.
This game used to be popular among Chinese people all over the world.

The Journey and Development of Sicbo Gambling Game to the World
And from that moment on, the Sicbo game is one of the casino games.
This game used to be popular depobos among Chinese people all over the world. Then the Macau government immediately monopolized this game in 1937 and gave an award to one of the companies called Tai Heng.

In 1960 there was someone who founded the STDM company which had the name Stanley Ho. Where Stanley Ho managed to win a contract and monopolize the game of sicbo from Tai Heng. So that approximately 10 years later this entrepreneur opened a very luxurious casino in a hotel called Lisbo.

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Because of the success of Stanley Ho until there is news that gives news to casinos in nevada. Then they introduced this sicbo game there but it didn’t work at first. judi slot terbaru that time the Chinese economy started to rise that’s only where the rich tourists get their trips to the gambling establishments in Las Vegas. In 1995 the dice game was successfully recognized in other countries besides China, namely in the Mississippi country. But something went wrong which was done by the casino. What made this casino suffer a very large loss and made this casino close.

Until one day after hearing the news that has been widely disseminated from several countries, not only in Asia. Finally Sicbo entered the European continent and the United States of America. There is someone named Chuck a Luck who managed to introduce this sicbo game to Chinese settlements in America in the 20th century. So that this game can be enjoyed by all people in United States casinos. In the United States this sic bo game is called Big and Small.

In addition to America, there are also countries on the European continent that are familiar with this game, namely in England. And already has an official casino that opened on May 13, 2002 and this casino has also received permission from The Gaming Clubs.

Explanation and How to Play Sicbo Gambling
How to play this sicbo gambling is that you only guess the total value of the 3 dice that will be shaken by the dealer later. In this game there are several bets that you must understand. After you make a betting choice, you must place your bet in the form of chips on the table with a picture of the value of your choice. Below we will explain how to play in full and easy to understand, please continue to listen to the reviews below:

To start the game, each player will be given a few seconds to place a bet and place the chip on the table where there are many choices of numbers depending on your choice.
After that, the dealer or dealer will immediately shuffle the 3 dice in a tightly closed container.
After shuffling the dice, the player will be asked to stop placing bets at the casino table.
Furthermore, after the dealer stops rolling the dice, it will immediately open and announce the results of the dice that come out.
Then the player whose partner comes out or matches the dice that comes out will be paid by the dealer according to the winnings that the player gets without any deductions.
Types of bets and payouts in the Sicbo game
If you already understand how to play, then you should know that there are several types of bets in this casino gambling game. And here we will explain it to you so please explain below:

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1.Big And Small:
For the first type of bet, it is big and small. That means here you only need to guess the value that comes out big or small. Where small numbers in this game are from 4 to 10 and large numbers are worth 11 to 17. For payment on this bet if you guess it will be paid 1:1.

2.Even And Odd:
The next bet is odd-even which is very easy in this bet because you only guess the total value of the 3 dice is odd or even. For payments on this bet there are big and small, that is, you will get paid 1:1.

3. Guess the Numbers Bet:
For this bet you have to guess the results of the numbers that come out of the 3 dice. And each number has a different level of pay, which is as follows:

4 Or 17: For the profit value for this pair, which is 50X of the total bet you place.
5 or 16: The advantage you get if you place this option is 18X of your total bet.
6 or 15: The profit value paid by the dealer if he wins on this option is 14X the value of the bet placed.
7 or 14: This number choice chest has a profit value of 12X of the bet placed
8 Or 13: The value of the bet 8X the value of the bet placed
9 or 12: The advantage that you get on this option is 6X of the bet placed
10 or 11: for this last option you will get paid 6X of the total bet placed.
4.Guess 2 Dice Numbers
In this type of bet you only need to guess the number of dice that will come out is a dice with two numbers. And the payment for this option is 5X of your total bet.

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5.Guess 1 Dice Number
For bets to guess 1 dice number, that is, you have to guess the number 1 dice that will come out, for example, then you will get paid 3X of the total initial bet.

6. Guess 2 Dice Numbers
This bet is almost the same as the bet above, only in this bet you choose 2 dice and guess the number that will come out. If the number you guessed is correct then you will get paid 5X of your initial bet.

7. Guess 2 Twin Dice
In this bet, you only need to guess 1 number that will come out of the 2 dice that have been shaken by the dealer. If you win, you will be paid 8X the value of your initial bet.

8. Bet 3 Twin Dice
For the last type of bet and the bet with the largest payout among others. Here you have to guess 1 number of the dice which will come out of the 3 dice that is shaken by the dealer, if successful, you will get paid 150X of the total bet placed.

So this article, hopefully the reviews above can help you explore the history of this Sicbo gambling game. And it can be a lesson for you. Thank you for taking the time to read this article. See you in another article