The Latest Tricks How To Win Playing Hi-Lo Online

Online casino gambling has many kinds of games, one of which is the Hi-Lo Card game where you are asked to guess which card will come out whether Hi or Lo, then guess the color of the card is black or red, then you can also guess the leaf from the card.

The game is actually quite easy, but still requires tricks to be able to win it. Because in addition to feeling and playing skills, you also have to use a strategy in order to win Daftar Taruhan Bola game and so that you don’t make a wrong step in determining the direction of the game in this Hi-Lo Card gambling.

Tips for Playing Card Hi-Lo Casino Online

Trusted Bola88 Agent – When you get a card with position 9, then you should not choose the Lo card, but instead you can choose Hi. Likewise, when you get a card in position 7, then you should install it for a Hi card.

But if you actually get an 8 card position, then you should stop the game by closing the card, then you can start the game situs judi domino online again from the beginning. If you manage to win in the first round, don’t forget to immediately press the collect button and then start playing again.

When you start the game and get a card in position 2 or get an A card then you must select Hi and activate the auto win setting.

Furthermore, to guess the color on the card the first time you are free to determine whether to choose black or red. You have to hold that color continuously, for example you choose black and place a bet of 10 thousand then if you win, you will get a profit of 2x the bet number, which is 20 thousand.

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If your choice is wrong, in the next round you should still choose black, but the value of the bet must be increased by 2x. And so on until your color guess is right, because in this way even if you experience losses many times, the profits you get will be able to cover all the losses you have suffered before. List of Bola88

Likewise with the game to guess the leaves, you can use the principle of the game above, you must first determine the number of leaves that you guess, whether the leaves are odd or even. It is better to make a choice from the beginning of the game, if you are sure to hold an even card then you must continue to place bets for that card until you win.

If you haven’t won yet, then you have to increase the bet number by 2x, so that even though you have always experienced losses, with the last profit you can cover all these losses. Therefore you also have to make sure you have enough capital to play this Hi-Lo Card online gambling.