Tips and how to play the most online Sicbo to win 100%

Tips and how to play the most online Sicbo to win 100Hello, meet me again in this article. Here I want to discuss tips and how to play sicbo online. Sicbo is a type of online casino gambling game that is currently much in demand by professional bettors in Indonesia. This online Sicbo game is actually very easy to play if you want to learn and understand it well.

This online betting game is one of the most popular casino games because this game is very easy to play and can produce big wins. And this game is played using 3 dice as the game medium. This Sicbo game was first discovered and introduced in China. However, as time goes by, this game has entered the Indonesian territory, which currently has a lot of bettors playing this real money betting game.

So many beginner bettors who want to play this game or who already understand how to play it but always lose in betting this Sicbo game. Calm down, you don’t need to be afraid, I’m here to share tips and how to play the most powerful online sicbo that you can learn quickly so you can win bets easily. Alright, let’s just talk about it, so read on and read on so you can quickly get good at playing Sicbo online gambling.

Types of Bets and How to Play Sicbo Gambling Online
If you want to play Sicbo gambling and want to get big profits. That means you have to be able to understand how to play and know the types of bets first. Here I will explain to you well and easy to understand as long as you are serious about reading it.

This game is played using 3 dice which will be closed in a container and will be closed tightly.

After that the dealer or dealer will start shuffling the dice in the container. Then if the dice are always shaken then you dominoqq online will be given time to place bets that you can place based on which number you want to put on.

In this online betting game there are several types of sicbo bets and here I will explain them to you in detail, please pay attention below:

Odd Even Bet
In this bet, you only need to guess the number that will come out even judi slot terbaik odd and the payout for this bet is 1:1. The odd numbers in this sicbo bet are:1,3,5,7,9,11,13,,15,17 And for the even numbers in this bet are 2,4,6,8,10,12,14, 16.18.

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Big Small Bet
In this bet, big or small, you must be able to correctly guess the numbers that will come out. And for the payout on this bet of 1:1 is the same as the odd-even bet. And for the installation of numbers on small numbers are: 4,5,6,7,8,9,10 And for large numbers it is 11,12,13,14,15,16,17. Why are numbers 3 and 18 missing? Because the 2 numbers belong to the dealer, which means that if the dice numbers that come out are 3 and 18, the dealer will win all of the bets.

Guess the Dice Result
For this type of bet, you have to guess the results of the 3 dice that will come out later. Where in this bet the range of dice numbers is only 4 to 17, the following is the count and total payment:

10 or 11 : If you guess this number and the number comes out then you will get paid 6 X of your total bet. For example = 50,000 X 6 Then the payment you get is Rp. 300.000)
9 or 12 : For profit on this option the same as the option above, which will be paid 6X of your total bet.
8 or 13 : in this option you will get a bigger profit, which will be paid 8X of the total bet that we place.
7 or 14 : The profit you will get on this choice is 12X of the total bet. getting bigger isn’t it? Yes, because the smaller the number of dice, the more pay you will get if the numbers you guessed come out.
6 or 15 : In this option you will get a profit of 14X from the total bet you place.
5 or 16 : The profit you will get on this choice is 18X of your total bet.
4 or 17 : The profit value that you will get on this bet is the largest of them, namely you will get a profit of 50X of the total bet you place.
Bet 2 Dice Numbers
For this type of bet, you have to choose 2 dice numbers listed on the betting table and for this bet, 5X the total of your partner.

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Bet 1 Dice Number
For this type of bet, it is almost the same as the bet above where in this bet you have to choose 1 dice if you succeed in guessing it then you will get a payout of 3X of your total bet.

Twins Bet
In this bet, you choose 1 twin number which will be predicted to come out of the 3 dice. If you guess correctly then you will get a profit of 8X of your total bet.

Triplets Bet
This bet is the same as the twin 2 bet, except that here you choose 1 dice number which will come out the same value from the 3 dice. For the payment, if you manage to guess, you will be paid a very large amount of 150X of your total bet.

The review above is how to play sicbo online and the types in the sicbo game. If you have understood it. I will continue to discuss some of the terms in this online dice game and it is very important for you to know:

Online Sicbo Game Terms
Rules : The function of these rules is to help you see the rules in this game.
Balance :Balance is where you can see your remaining balance
Bet : This is a menu to place the amount of bets on the table
Chip : It is a round tool which you will use to place bets
Exit : This is the menu if you want to exit the game
Confrim : The function of confrim is to ensure that your bets are actually placed
Repeat : You can use this repeat if you want to repeat your betting pair.
Win : The function of this menu you can see your total wins in this online dice game.
Clear Last : This last menu you can use to cancel all your total final bets.
Above, there are several reviews that you must understand properly and if you already understand the basic techniques in this game, that is not enough to make you win the bet. You also have to know some tips so you don’t lose in this game. Immediately, I will share tips and methods, please refer to the following reviews:

Powerful Tips for Playing Sicbo Online So You Can’t Be Beaten
Placing a Big Small Bet
Big and small bets are one of the types of bets that you can find and place in Sicbo games. Here you only need to guess the value that will come out big or small. Why do we recommend that you place more often on this bet? Because we have surveyed that the average player who places this bet has a high win rate. So you have to follow it too if you want to win the bet.

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Paying Attention to Betting Board History
In playing, even though you are serious, you have to pay attention to the betting history board, you can see the history of the numbers that came out before. If you have seen the board then you will think about what strategy to do.

Play Calm and Don’t Get Emotions
In playing any online gambling you have to be able to play casually and don’t get emotional so you can focus. Because if you play with emotions it will make you uncomfortable and can’t predict the numbers that will come out correctly so that it brings you to victory.

Have a Winning Target
Every professional online gambling player must have a winning target. So we suggest that for those of you who are still beginners, don’t be too greedy for big wins. Try to have a winning target in every game. Because if you already have a winning target, you can be more serious about achieving that target. And if the winning target has been reached, try to withdraw your winnings. So for example you want to play again and if you lose it doesn’t matter because the victory is already in your hands.

Avoiding the Triplets Bet
We recommend that if you have played, don’t place triplet bets too often because this bet rarely comes out even though the payout is very large. Don’t be provoked by the pay because it’s just a bait for you so you can lose quickly. So never place this bet if you want to win.

Well, that’s enough, hopefully the article above can make you understand and can help all of you find solutions in this game. See you in the next article And thank you for taking the time to read this article