Tips & How to Play Roulette Online For Easy Win

Hello, welcome to the this blog which will always discuss the most complete online gambling that you can learn. On this occasion I will discuss how to play online roulette so that it is easy to win along with some powerful tips. Maybe I think this roulette game is already familiar to you. Of course, because this roulette game is quite popular and much sought after by bettors in Indonesia. Because this real money gambling game is very exciting to play and can provide big wins that make online gamblers tempted to play this game.

Roulette is a type of online casino gambling game. That’s what makes this game easy to recognize. Because it’s no longer surprising that casino games are one of the places where real money bets are loved by online gambling enthusiasts in the world, not only in Indonesia. So for those of you who have never tried this roulette game, then you should try it immediately because this game is very exciting and easy to win but if you understand how to play it. If you don’t understand how to play at all and don’t know what the terms are in this online casino game then you will never be able to win big bets from this game.

But you don’t need to worry because here I will help you to learn how to play online roulette easily and quickly if you are right, read this article to the end. Because if you read it only halfway it is the same as not increasing your knowledge of this game. Alright, let’s just talk slot online terlengkap how to play, please continue to see the reviews below:

Guide & How to Play Roulette Online For Beginners
You should know that the name of this roulette comes from the country of francis which means small wheel. As the name implies because this roulette game is played with media such as a small wheel and a ball which will later be spun in the wheel. Here there are 2 types of roulette games which are agen judi depobos the European version and the American version. And there is a difference between these two versions where in the European version there will be 37 numbers on the surface of the wheel starting from 0 to 36. As for the American version there are 38 numbers starting from 0 to 36. For the difference in the version America has 2 0’s on the wheel.

In this game you will bet on the dealer so you don’t need to focus on other players. And when the game has started, the dealer will start turning a wheel and then continue to throw all the small balls. The white one into the wheel that has been tilted in the opposite direction to the rotation of the wheel. As long as the ball is still spinning on the wheel, you will be given time to place a bet on one of the numbers listed on a table provided by the casino. Then if the wheel has stopped spinning, the ball will automatically stop at one of the numbers in the roulette wheel.

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For how to play, it’s quite easy here, you just guess a number that will come out later. If the guess number we chose is correct then we will get paid according to the type of bet you place, each type of bet has a different payout value. If you don’t know the types of bets in this roulette game, then we will tell them for you below.

Types of bets in the Roulette game and their payouts
If you already know how to play roulette, then the next step you need to know is that there are several types of bets available in this online casino game. So you have to be right” to understand it so you can place bets correctly. Okay, we will discuss it below, so please read carefully the reviews below:

1.Straight Up Bet Type
For the first type of bet, the straight up bet where in this bet you can only choose 1 number that will come out in the round. For this type of bet, it can be said that it is difficult to win because here you can only guess 1 number while the total number in this game is 37 numbers so it is very unlikely that 1 number you choose will come out. So many professional bettors very rarely place this bet even though the payout on this bet is quite large, which is 35:1. But what’s the big payout when there’s very little chance of winning on this bet. it’s the same as draining your balance little by little. so we suggest staying away from this type of bet, don’t be tempted by the pay, because it’s just an inducement.

2.Split Bet Types
In a split bet bet, which is where you will place multiple bets or choose 2 adjacent numbers that are on the roulette betting table, for example, such as placing a bet on numbers 11 and 14. Then if the spinning ball stops at one of the numbers you choose then you will win and get paid 17X of your total bet.

3.Bet Type Street Bet
Street Bet bets are bets where you can only place bets on 3 numbers in a row. That is like numbers (1,2,3) or (6,7,8) and other numbers in a row or in descending order. And if the ball in the wheel stops at one of the numbers you choose, you will win and get paid 11X of your total bet.

4. Type of Corner Bet
The next type of bet is a corner bet. To make this bet, you have to place 4 numbers that are close together. Or all 4 numbers are next to each other. for example, such as numbers (13,14,16,17) or (16,17,19,20) this is an example of the number or it can be other numbers that you can see on the betting board. for payment on this type of bet if you manage to win it is 8X of your total bet.

5.Six Line Bet
For Ruling on the six line bet, you have to put 6 numbers at once but the numbers must be sequential and not random. for example like numbers (1,2,3,4,5,6) or (7,8,9,10,11,12) this is an example of a sequence of numbers or it can be with other numbers, the main thing must be sequential and next to each other The payout value for this type of bet is 5X of the bet you placed.

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6. Column Bet
As the name suggests, it is a column bet where for this bet you have to put 12 numbers in the column. You can see that on the roulette table, there are 3 columns and 12 numbers in each column. so you have to choose one of the columns. Examples such as the column in the 2nd order which has 12 numbers as follows:(2,5,8,11,14,17,20,23,26,29,32,35). or you can install another column. If the ball that is being played stops at one of the numbers you choose, you will get paid 2X of the bet you placed.

7. Dozen Bet
Dozen bets are almost the same as column bets, namely you have to choose 12 numbers as well. But the difference is that in the dozen bet, the 12 numbers must be sequentially according to the numbers listed on the roulette betting table. For example numbers (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12). If you succeed in winning this bet, you will get paid as much as 2X from the initial bet that was placed.

8. Odd Even Betting
In this bet, it can be said that it is very easy, there is no need to think about numbers again to install. Because here you only need to guess the number that comes out will be odd or even. Because this type of bet is very easy to play, the total payment you will get will also not be as much as before, namely you will be paid 1X of your bet.

9.Bet Type Big Or Small
This bet is also very easy to play and is the most bet placed by bettors. Because in this bet you only need to guess the number that comes out will be large or small. So no need to think about certain numbers that will come out later. If you guess correctly then you will get paid 1X from the initial capital.

10.Bet Types Black And Red
Inside the betting table there are colors, namely red and black. And in this bet you only have to guess one of the colors. Which is where the ball will stop at red or black. The payment for this last bet is the same as the type of bet above, which is 1X of the initial capital.

The reviews above are some of the types of bets that exist in online roulette games so you must be able to memorize or understand the types of bets. So that you can place bets correctly so that you can easily win the bet. If you already understand then we will get to the point, namely we will discuss powerful tips for playing casino roulette so that it is easy to win. Immediately, it doesn’t take long, please see below:

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Powerful Tips for Playing Profitable Online Roulette
After knowing how to play and the types of roulette bets, I will give you some powerful tips that can benefit you. So don’t miss out on this review. Because this is very important to help you win. You can read the tips below:

1. Have an Account at a Trusted Casino Gambling Agent
The first thing you have to do before betting is that you must have an account at a trusted online gambling agent. Because if you play on a trusted betting website, you will always provide the best bets that will give you an advantage. And the most daring to pay whatever victory you will get later. So it doesn’t make you disappointed and lose in many ways.

2.Playing with small bets at the beginning
The next tip is for those of you who are still beginners in this real money betting game. You’re better off playing with a small bet first. You have to see if you have good luck or not. If you think you have good luck, then increase the level of the bet at the table.

3.Avoid Straight Up Betting
If you want to win for sure at online casino games, the thing you have to do is don’t place straight up bets. Because it’s very hard to win at this bet because you only guess 1 number that will come out later and it really takes luck to win it. Even though the payment offered is very tempting, don’t be tempted because it’s just an inducement for you. But if you still want to install it then I make sure you will lose quickly.!!

4.Play with patience and concentration
Next is playing patiently and concentration is needed to be able to win bets on this real money betting game. I suggest if you are betting try to stay away from things that can distract you. Like playing while watching TV, or hanging out with friends or other things. Because if you don’t concentrate how will you be able to guess the numbers that will come out later.

5. Placing a Bet on the Odd Even Type
The last tip is if you want to get a definite win even though it’s not much. We recommend that you place a bet on the Odd Even bet type or Big or Small Bet. Because this bet is very easy to win even though the stakes are not big, at least it will ensure victory for you. So never take uncertain risks. Because according to experience there are professional bettors who told me that playing gambling should look for certain ones, never take risks even though there is a bigger offer.

Alright, that’s enough for this article, where we discuss how to play online roulette and its powerful tips. Hopefully this review can help all of you who have read it. See you in the next online gambling article.