Tips on How to Play Dragon Tiger Always Win

The game of dragon tiger may be familiar to gambling lovers around the world. And of course the dragon tiger game is very profitable to play.

But for beginners it may be very difficult to win the game. So therefore on this occasion we will explain about how to play dragon tiger online gambling easily.

But before you know about the tricks to win playing dragon tiger, it would be nice to know first how to play it.

Basically the dragon tiger game uses playing cards, which total 52 cards, and have different values. Trusted Bola88 Agents such as 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 J, Q, K, A where each value has 4 cards and 4 symbols.

Actually the game of dragon tiger is almost the same as how to play baccarat using playing cards. However, the dragon tiger game is packaged better, so that it can be easily understood by players. And has a structure that is very easy to win in playing.

Tricks to Play Dragon Tiger Online

At first glance, the dragon tiger game only relies on luck in playing. But you should know that if players always rely on luck, they will rarely win bets.

Therefore, in playing online dragon tiger gambling, you must have strategies and tricks to play so you don’t always rely on luck. Alright, just go ahead if you are curious to Daftar Situs Casino the tricks to easily win in playing draon tiger.

1. Avoid TIE Bet

The first trick in the game of dragon tiger agen nova88 to do is never place your bets on TIE. Even though tie bets offer quite a big win, the chances of winning in a tie are very small.

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It can be seen that in playing most players place bets on the dragon or tiger. Where the possibility is very large to get a win, even though what is offered is not too big but there is a chance that you will win it.

2. Prepare Big Playing Capital

The second trick in playing dragon tiger is to prepare a large enough capital to play. Where if you have a large enough capital you can take advantage of 1:1 odds.

With a large capital you don’t have to worry about losing, because in the Dragon Tiger game, bets will return quickly. But you should not get carried away in the game, because it can make a loss for those who play dragon tiger gambling.

In the dragon tiger game, if you lose we suggest you have to increase your bet. As the first example bet with the amount of 50,000 and declared lost, then from there to increase the bet to 100,000. Why did it happen?

Because installing double if you win, the victory will be even greater and can cover the first defeat.

3. Observing the Way of the Game

The third trick in playing dragon tiger that you have to do is, observe first before starting to play. Because in playing Dragon Tiger, you often get consecutive wins, then observe the cards that will come out. For example, if the dragon card comes out, then keep betting on the dragon.

But if the tiger is out then we suggest keep betting on the tiger. Because as we have explained that in the dragon tiger game, you can get consecutive wins.

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If you bet on dragon or tiger, you have won 5 to 6 times, then it’s time to be careful in placing bets. List Agent Sbobet you can choose a different bet, or skip it if not yet sure bet to bet again.

Those are three tricks that you can try in the Dragon Tiger game in order to win. You have to play this trick if you want to win bets in playing.