Tricks How to Win Online Roulette Gambling

Roulette is one of the games that has been famous since the beginning in casino gambling. After the presence of online gambling sites made roulette bets more popular, because they are believed to be able to easily get a win.
The Two Most Popular Types of Roulette
American Roulette and
European Roulette or Classic Roulette

Both types are in principle the same, the difference is only in the number 0 only. If American Roulette has two 0s namely ‘0’ and ’00’, then European Roulette only has one 0 which is ‘0’.

Each Roulette has a betting board consisting of 36 Numbers. The betting board is divided into sides with different ‘profit’ values. The following is an example below:

1. Profit Value 1: 35 (Straight Up)

You will get 35 times profit on this bet. The step is if you determine one of the 36 numbers and manage to guess correctly. For example, you place a betting chip on the number 13 board, and after a spin (spin) the result is Number 13, so you will get 35 times the value of your chip.

2. Profit Value 1:

You will get 17 times profit on this Daftar Bola Sbobet. The trick is to place 1 betting chip on 2 adjacent number boards. For example, you put your bet chip between (in the middle) the number board 1 and 2, and after the spin the result comes out number 1 or number 2, so you will get a profit of 17 times the value of your chip.

3. Profit Value 1 : 11 (Street Bet)

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You will get 11 times profit on this bet. The trick is to place 1 betting chip on 3 adjacent number boards. For example, you agen markas poker place your betting chip on the number boards 1, 2 and 3. Place your chip in the middle of the left side line of the number 1 board, and after you spin the results that come out Numbers 1 or 2 or 3, you will get an 11-fold profit. of the value of your chips.

The Formula for Playing Roulette Online To Win

The roulette game formula is actually very simple because there are only a few formulas in the game. Such as: Paroli formula, Outside bet, martiangle.
Paroli formula
Paroli is a type of fixed betting strategy that must be used in playing roulette. The meaning of paroli is a fixed bet that must be matched from the start. Where if you play roulette, you must be consistent in placing bets on the gambling site that is being played. The goal is to get bigger wins.
Outside Bet Formula
Outside bet is one type of strategy to determine inside bets or outside bets. Where it means inside is an inside bet, while outside is an outside bet. Players have to decide which one they want to use outside or inside.

However, we recommend using the type that has been described, namely using outside bets because it has been proven to be played a lot.
Martiangle formula
Martiangle is one type of formula that has been proven to be used in playing roulette. This formula is a strategy for doubling your bet if you lose. If in the previous round you lost, then all you have to do is raise the bet to a higher level. Like doubling the bet to cover the previous loss.

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Those are the tips and explanations that we can give to you lovers of online roulette gambling. Hope it can help you get the win you want. Visit the Bola88 List of trusted online gambling sites.