Understand Some Terms In Online Slot Games

One of the most popular types of online betting games is online slots. The easy way to play and the minimum amount of money spent is very small, making the fans soar high in the world of gambling.

As is known, the popularity of online slots has spread to various parts of the world. Originating from America in the cowboy era, now slot games follow technological developments so that they can be played online.

The ‘autospin’ feature in online slot games also makes it easier for bettors who want to do other activities. The benefits of online slot games are also very unexpected, with tens of thousands of rupiah to play online slots, you can easily become a millionaire in a matter of hours.

Terms in Online Slot Games

In online casino slot games, the online casino, the payline, is a general term that functions as a determination of how much winning value can be obtained in the slot machine.


This scatter symbol can also be used as a payline substitute, besides that it also functions to predict player wins in the online slot machine, and the amount depends on the slot machine occupied.


Wild can function as a substitute for all the situs slot online scatter symbols on slot machines, this symbol combination is also very important to be able to get big jackpots when playing online slot games.


This term of course has become the main goal of bettors in playing online slot games, but to be able to get it is not easy and each slot machine also has a different jackpot value.

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Betting Features

This feature can be a big advantage for you and can also be a big loss, because in this feature you have to play with all the existing bet values.

So a little explanation of some terms in online slot games, hopefully from a little explanation of this can help you to better understand the terms in slot gambling games.