Understand the Terms in Online Football Betting

For some people who watch the ball it will feel less exciting if you don’t have a bet value on the match. The value of the bet is not concerned with the size because it is only to get its own excitement when watching a football match.

When viewed, the number of fans of the sport of football is very large and soccer betting has become a culture of a football match, both local matches or big matches such as the World Cup.

The prohibition of playing gambling in Indonesia makes gamblers think of other alternatives to placing bets, namely by placing bets online. The development of this increasingly advanced era makes a lot of online soccer betting sites spread everywhere. One of them is the Trusted agen bola terpercaya Agent site that provides attractive bonuses for online soccer gambling players .

Terms in Online Football Betting

Soccer agents who offer soccer betting must already have a place where the betting market is and how the current betting market moves. Generally, agents see the market through the betting market or betting exchange.

With so many football betting enthusiasts, several online gambling sites provide soccer betting services in the sports section or sportsbooks.

You can find betting markets for all sports such as badminton, tennis, basketball, boxing and so on. However, we only explain to you the most common Agen Sbobet Terpercaya used in online soccer betting:

Handicap (HDP): The market used for betting on football.

Away (A): designation for the right side or challenger team.

Home (H): designation for the left side or the home team.

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Odds: kei money or what is easier to understand is the money that will be given to the dealer. Example -1.25 means that to be able to place a bet you need a capital of 125,000, if you win you only get 100,000 or +1.05 means that you only need a capital of 100,000 if you win you will get a win of 105,000.

Half Time (HT): The result of the bet will be seen when the match reaches 1 x 45 minutes.

Full Time (FT): The result of the bet will be seen after the match ends.

Types of Online Football Gambling Betting

In the online soccer market there are various types of bets such as:

Handicap: betting that uses a point system where the stronger team will give the weaker team winning points. The Asian market has specific rules and regulations.

1 x 2: This is one of the most widely known bets. This gambling game is very easy, namely 1 as the home team, X as a sign of a draw match and 2 as the opposing team. This bet is not followed by a Handicap system.

O/U (Over/Under): You have to guess the number of goals in one match. This bet looks at the number of goals scored by both teams. You have to guess whether the goal is over (Over) or under (Under) on the market issued by the agent.

Mix Parlay: another word for betting on balls with multiple choices. The requirement to be able to participate in this bet is that you must choose 3 types of teams that compete with one bet value. If one team of your choice loses automatically all of your choices will lose.

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Outright : The type of bet used to guess who will be the champion of a major event such as the World Cup, Champions League.

There are still a few more types of bets, but the 5 we mentioned above are the most played. To be able to understand all the terms contained on online soccer gambling sites, then you may directly visit the Sbobet Agent List or the customer service provided by the site.