Will SBOBET bookies go bankrupt or will their members run away?

After wrestling with college assignments, I was finally able to continue writing articles on this site. For this time what I want to discuss about soccer bookies like SBOBET .

I have previously explained the difference between an online football betting agent and bookie. Of course, you already know that their duties are related to each other. And I have also previously mentioned, in choosing an agent you must be careful not to get caught up with fake agents that lead to fraud.

Being deceived by fake gambling agents really makes you annoyed, because the money that should be the right of members is actually taken away by irresponsible people. If in choosing a gambling agent you have to be careful not to be fooled , does choosing a soccer bookie also have to be careful?

SBOBET Will Not Carry Money Off Its Members

After you choose a soccer gambling agent, it means that you indirectly choose the bookies they use. Of course, you can no longer choose the bookies you want. That’s why I very aggressively recommend choosing a trusted situs judi bola terbesar so that you play at a trusted bookie.

If the gambling agent commits fraud, it has nothing to do with the bookies. So, if you are deceived and your money is taken away, the one who takes your money away is not the dealer. Even more so for big bookies like SBOBET which are officially licensed. That’s why it’s important for you to choose an official agent to become a victim of fake agent fraud .

So the answer is, SBOBET will never take away the money belonging to its members. Their turnover can reach millions of dollars in one day, there is also no way they can just go bankrupt.

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Been In Controversy, But SBOBET Stood Still

if you think SBOBET will go bankrupt, you mean you don’t know the journey that the soccer bookie has gone through which has repeatedly experienced controversy but still stands firm.

First in 2008, they were once asked to do match-fixing at the Norwich City match against Derby Country in the Football Association championship. Not only were they accused, they were asked to submit evidence that they did not do this. For the sake of customer privacy, they refused the request.

The following year the controversy occurred again. There are two news agencies from Bulgaria making articles on the corner of SBOBET’s match-fixing. But in the end, the two news agencies apologized to SBOBET and made a corrective article stating that SBOBET was not involved in this matter.

It has not been a month since the issue has been resolved, again there has been controversy. This time they were criticized for making bets in the youth football game on the grounds that it could damage the teenage generation. After that incident, they started to stop betting in the teenage game.

The last time was in 2014 when the state of Singapore legally banned all forms of betting, including online long-distance betting. All soccer gambling agent sites, soccer gambling advertisements, and soccer gambling payment transactions are blocked there due to new regulations in the country. Of course, SBOBET will obey the bets, they removed Singapore country selection on the registration page and all new accounts using Singapore IP will not be accepted.

All the controversies they have been going through have actually made SBOBET look very brave in establishing a football betting bookie business with a turnover of tens of millions of dollars a day. Throw away your thoughts if the SBOBET bookie will go bankrupt, agents can indeed go bankrupt but if the bookies don’t!

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